Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Missed it again! (Harvest Monday)

Busy week- I forgot to post, and for good reason....
Furry reasons....

and look- I also have PEAS!!!!

This was the first peas to make it into the house
And now they are coming in by the colander full. It makes my heart sing. It only happens for a few weeks a year here so I celebrate for sure. I had a few weeks without peas and I wasn't sure if they would produce again or not -but they are. And it looks like I'll have another 7-10 days of production before the temps head up again. :-D Yippee!!! I may even get a quart into the freezer. Maybe. I've eaten about a gallon this week. These suckers are HUGE, too. The biggest snow peas I've ever grown or eaten. They are almost as big as the new pup.
The garden peas are blooming again, too - so there is hope we'll get a few shelling peas yet this year as well. The snaps haven't come back really yet but there is still enough to throw on our salads and that is really what we like doing with them best- eating fresh the others freeze better.

The green beans are starting to push up and I've buried the potatoes for the first time - so things are certainly on their way - OH! And blueberries, we have the first blueberries on the bush! WAHOOO!!!!! I can't wait for another week or two until I can show you the little tykes.

'Till next time!



  1. I put tomato and pepper seedlings into the ground yesterday. My daughter planted the cucumber seeds, and we'll get the bean seeds in on Friday - hopefully! Yippee! I love a new gardening season. Only a handful of sugar snap peas this year - boo hoo!

  2. It's funny what we do for only a few of those little snap peas- they are worth the wait AND the trouble.
    I've got the first few baby cucmbers on right now - ahead of the game there but WAY behind on the maters and NO pepper seedlings yet - got one left over plant from fall. LOL>

  3. All I can say is LUCKY DUCK!! Fresh home grown blueberries, I can almost smell the muffins.

  4. We planted our peas this past weekend! I can't wait. (Yours look wonderful).

  5. Thanks Donna- It's so hard to wait on them. It takes a few weeks for us to actually get them into the house once they start setting. LOL. We tend to et them off the vine by the handfuls. With five of us doing it they have to really ramp up before we get many in!