Monday, February 27, 2012

Harvest Monday 2/27/12

Monday again!

This Harvest Monday is a whopper. I missed last week, but I'll only put in the weights for this week. I will however cheat and put in the picture from last week as well. 'Cause I can and stuff. :-D
Linking into Daphne's Dandelions for the party. Don't forget to stop by her place and check out what people are harvesting all over the world, and how they are using their harvest - fresh and stored.

This week's harvest features those OH so wonderful PEAS! Lettuce, Tatsoi, turnips, strawberries, spinach, and carrots, too...
Oh, and don't forget the broccoli as well.

This weeks weights are: 2lb 14oz turnip, 2lb 9oz greens, 3lb 2oz carrots, 14oz lettuce, 4.5oz tatsoi, 18oz strawberries (The ones that made it inside anyway), 3lb 6oz snow peas, 6oz broccoli

The turnips are destined to be turned into Pioneer Woman's Au Gratin from her Thanksgiving menu. It's another first for me.I'll have to report back what I think. Hopefully I'll get the guts up soon. LOL.

Strawberry festival this weekend - and a report on yet another renovation to another bed that the HOA is having a fit about. Stay tuned! :-D It's a doozie!

'Till next time!



  1. Those fresh vegetables look so great.

  2. Oh that is spectacular - look at those root vegetables - picture perfect! You are really into Spring now - I'm envious of all the freshness - peas are wonderful!

  3. I think the turnips au gratin sounds great! My mom used to make them that way for special occasions.

  4. Great harvest. Those strawberries are just gorgeous.

  5. Wow! That's a great harvest. We'll be planting peas soon I think. It's so warm here.

  6. Peas! Yum. Been too dang hot here, my peas are sad pathetic things. And my summer squash is fruiting. Weird. But not as weird as your HOA. You don't have that many beds left in your front do you? What the heck are they complaining about now? Pictures? Oh, speaking of pictures, I've got a picture to show you of a bed bordered with celery plants. Hubs loves it, says it is very vibrant and ornamental. And tasty.


  7. Your carrots look great - I always struggle with carrots. They never seem to grow that well and if I'm honest the shop bought ones taste better than mine - I can't think of anything else thats true of but it is true of carrots.

  8. Wilderness- Thank you!

    Sydney- Spring now- Summer in 2 weeks! We don't have much of a Spring unfortunately. It will be super hot and sticky soon.

    Dave - I look forward to trying it I just hope I'm not the only one eating it - 3 or 4 pounds of turnips will take a LONG time to eat by myself!

    Norma - Thanks. I can't believe how wonderful they taste, too. Strawberry syrup, soon!

    Jody- I look forward to seeing the post and watching the harvest long after mine have faded away. I only have a few more weeks before mine will be history.

    Dianne - I put in another 40' raised bed on the side/front it was the orchid guava bed I jsut extended and raised it made it stand out... teehee... I can't help myself. We actually had neighbors for the adjoining neighborhood come over to compliment us!!!

    Liz - don't give up it took me ten years of trying with carrots to finally get it right. I honestly have no idea what it was that I did wrong for all those years - soil chemistry or care or what, but something clicked and last year was the first year they were edible. This year I'm getting my first GOOD crop! WAHOO!!!

  9. what a wonderful harvest! I've a few berry blossoms on the plants in the greenhouse, but don't know if they'll make berries or not. Oh awesome peas! I just love peas and can't wait, a few more days to first harvest!

  10. That is a delicious crop of spring goodies - such a nice variety of items and colors too.