Friday, February 3, 2012

This post is brought to you by the letter 'P'....

It must be P week here. Pirates, Princesses, now Peas!
I'm so stinking happy I can't contain myself. Look what I've got....

Blooms everywhere. Not only are they blooming but these suckers? They are MASSIVE! (I've never grown anything but dwarf peas before) 4 fingers across! Wowsa, I'm impressed. The blooms are doubles and triples and if they don't set fast and start pumping out those precious pods soon I'm going to lose my mind.

Luckily I've got a handful of these to keep me busy for now. Beautiful red globes of sweetness. Most don't make it inside. I'd like to blame it on the kids, but hands down I eat more than my share. The pea pods, too. LOL.
OH`OH`OH! I almost forgot to mention something else new for me....
These are planted too close so I'll get to try some while they are young... and hopefully I'll like what I try. Moreso hopefully some of the others in the house will like them too.

The lettuce and spinach has taken off to new heights this week. I'm happy, and the kids are thrilled. I'm looking forward to a good quiche for breakfast soon. :-)

The infant plants from last weeks post are filling in as well. My empty salad bowl planting is starting to look like a real garden again!

Even the youngest are off to a good start.
The new expansion planter is filling in nicely finally. Seems strange - but I think it's all for naught. The weather is so warm the summer veggies would be fairing better now... Mother Nature sure is fickle.

Currently I'm debating if I can get a round of potatoes in before needing the 4X4 planter for the tomato seedlings. 80 days.... Hmmmm..... It leaves a lot to be desired for succession planting, but on the other hand the beans that were just there would  be great for the tubers. Decision time. The first batch of slips are ready and the weather is absolutely perfect right now!

'Till next time!



  1. You have got to stop this. You are killing me with your perfect warm southern weather! I won't even be able to plant my peas for another 30 days and it will be June before they are ready! I'm beyond jealous at the moment. :)

  2. Oops! I didn't mean to be bragging. I'm worried about the peas not producing because it's too warm. LOL. I'll trade you a few degrees. ;-)

  3. What is your opinion, Barbie? I've got 6 inch high sugar snap pea plants and baby lettuce, chard and spinach plants. I wonder if they will come to anything with our weather so warm already?

  4. With a shade cloth they might still produce. I'm not pulling mine out until the bitter end.... (pun completely intended) Once they get to where I just cna't eat them any more I'll compost - but consider that the pea plants (shoots are tender)themselves are edible, too if they aren't producing! They are pretty good in a salad. Not as good as a pea -but better than wasting the plant.

    80 degrees is the key for bitterness and for peas not wanting to produce. 85 is the real point if you can use a shade cloth. Same for spinach (85 with shade)

    I love the warm weather but it's killing me to see how much of my garden is FINALLY filling in with these cooler crops. LOL.

  5. Thanks, Barbie! I might try to shade the peas. They are the veg I will really miss!

    What about growing microgreens? I'm going to try them - as a replacement for the garden greens that will soon give up in the heat.