Friday, July 29, 2011

My Herd

I  may not have a herd of cattle. Nor do I have a herd of goats, or a gaggle of geese, I do however have a cat. Don't ask me what that has to do with this post. It doesn't.
I have a herd in miniature. I herd of beneficial insects. I am Oh so grateful for them. It seems they keep some of the other insects in check, but the mature insects that are the same size as they are or larger tend to go either unnoticed or simply cannot be overpowered. Then again, even though I can overpower an adult stink bug I sure as heck wouldn't eat it. So maybe it's a choice thing.
I just wanted to share a few pictures of different assassin bug babies in my lima patch yesterday. They are everywhere I look. Some are shy and ditch under the leaves as soon as they see me like this:
Others are more interested in seeking out playmates.

Some are carefree and just enjoy basking in the sun....

In this particular patch of beans the only sign of damage from any other insects is rather obvious. Grasshoppers have been in here. That is far too large an insect for these adolescents to take on. Otherwise this section is pretty clean of bad insects and since it is such I have no intention of disturbing this herd and losing ground to aphids, thrips, beetles, moths, and other not so nice bugs.
Beyond the occasional leaf miner my limas are obviously very happy with the care they are providing. I was so happy to see all those blooms I baked them a plate of cookies....

And then because they don't eat cookies I ate SIX of them myself. :-D
And brought the rest to work where they were devoured before lunch by the herd here. LOL.

I do need to lodge a complaint however.

Are you ready?
Really ready?

You sure?

OK here goes....

They eat ladybugs, too. :-(

I almost cried.
Apparently they are indiscriminate feeders. Any insect small enough to catch will do. I've noticed a decline in lady bugs in the garden. I mean it's really hot and about time for them to move on, but I'm pretty sure these critters aren't helping anything. *pout*

Think they make non-ladybug collars for them? Perhaps training methods to get them TO eat stink bugs and moth caterpillars? Humph. Too bad.

'Till next time!

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