Tuesday, July 26, 2011

19 Days and counting...

Only 19 days...
YIKES! There are still school supplies to be bought, and a whole lot of organizing to do. Mostly with my schedule.  I have to figure something out so that being gone form the house for 12 hours a day and still getting dinner/bath/homework/cleaning done each day is manageable. I just don't know how I CAN.
I know that now it seems insurmountable, but in a few short weeks it will all fall in to place. Right? S~U~R~E...
So I'm obsessing just a tad bit and trying to rearrange my mind. In doing so I've come to the conclusion that the only way to start the school year is to CLEAN and organize the house first. I mean, after all a clean and organized schedule can only go so far, huh? :-) So first to be tackled will be well, school uniforms but after that will be the playroom. Then the loft, then the office, right down the list of places that collect clutter like magnets.
My goal for this? Is to make the toys disappear. Or seemingly at least. No more dollhouses downs stairs, no more barns. All the little stuff needs to be upstairs so if Heaven forbid someone rings my doorbell I can let them in without gasping and hiding my head in shame at the junk all over the floor that is inevitably, toys. They can keep coloring books, and chalkboard and such downstairs, but the other stuff needs to go. We won't be spending enough time down there during to week to warrant having them down there, and it's time to do a purge of the outgrown toys anyway.
Not only is it time to organize for back to school, but it's only a few short months until some little twinkers turn 5, and I am quite sure that my little purging of their outgrown toys will not yield the same amount of things that will be put into the playroom between birthday and Christmas time. ;-)
So, I have lots of projects filling up my head for the next few weeks and one friend who decided to swoop in and scoop me away for a nice sunset on the beach this Saturday night.
I'm looking forward to one of these crisp Florida sunsets and the night off sans kiddos even though I think I have too much to do to leave even for an hour I know I need the break. Hopefully I'll come back refreshed, renewed and ready to tackle those last things on my organize for school list!

I'm always ears for great ways to run a household schedule during this hectic time.

Till next time!


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  1. Lucky you are to count only 19 days. During my time it was some 2 months. I was distressed with the time period.