Monday, July 18, 2011

Harvest Monday 7.18.11

Did ya miss me?
I forgot to bring my totals with me but I didn't want to miss another week. So I'm linking into the party over at Daphne's Dandelions to show off harvest from all over the world.
This weeks harvest is really to celebrate the end of the 'Spring' tomato harvest. The fall tomato plants are chitting and I'm sure that their harvest will be abundant as well. I have a few green tomatoes still out on the vine but not many.
*sigh* It's bittersweet. I still have tomatillos coming in so it's not the end of the world, but it's going to be a rough 2 months until I get another round of slicers like this one. Thank goodness I still have Tom's Everglades and 2 other vines still hanging in to try to get me by.
Hot peppers are still coming in and this coming week I should a have a couple of bells to show off as well. Nothing huge, but heck - bells in this heat are something worth talking about! I just have to keep she-devil away from them!
Also in this week was the worlds smallest cantalope, butternut squash and watermelon. I think the 6+ inches of rain we got just set them to ripen much sooner than anyone had anticipated. I didn't take pictures of any of them because they were down right embarrassing. The butternut squash was the size of - a business card! Yes, about 3" long...and YES it was fully mature. and yummy, just TINY.  The watermelon weighed a whopping .75 pound and the cantaloupe fragrant as can be, sweet beyond my wildest dreams - was the size of a tennis ball. Yup. seriously. And the vine died from the excessive rain combined with 'the incident' so there will be no more of them. Well, no more for now. I'll start more vines. Maybe in the fall I'll get a few more to share. I've got another teeny watermelon growing on the vine and it hasn't taken on any more size in the last 10 days so I think it's time I said good by to it. If the next melon does the same I'm going to rip out all the vines, get some manure to dig in and start over. I don't know what gives, but something went wrong in the vine patch!

Till next time!



  1. I wish our tomatoes will ripen for us. Its there hanging on the tree but since it is winter it not turning red. But I keep hoping that it will turn lovely sexy red like yours. Our cantaloupe were the size of tennis ball this year too. because of the photo people thought it was actually bigger. LOL.

  2. Sorry to hear the vine patch is giving you problems but it sounds like you still enjoyed the miniaturized fruit from them!

  3. I am in the same boat as you with the tomato's :(

  4. There's nothing like a perfectly ripe slicing tomato. We're still waiting on our first.

    Remember - with every veggie gardening set back - there's always a silver lining! You'll have a nice fall crop waiting for you.

  5. Sorry to hear that's the end of tomatoes for you for a while. We're just slowly beginning our tomato season up north.

  6. Gosh, that's so sad! Mine haven't set any squash/melons yet, but plants are still growing......

  7. It's interesting how different your growing season is. We are just starting tomatoes and you are finishing for awhile.

    Those tomatoes look really good...I'm sure you'll savor every bite!

  8. aww, I bet the tiny squash was cute, even though it was pitiful! I don't have any yet, so your tiny one is better than none! ;)

  9. Wonderful tomatoes. Too bad about your melons. Very weird that they did that. I've had smaller than normal fruit before, but not tiny.

  10. I'm glad you ate the tiny stuff anyway ; )