Monday, July 25, 2011

Harvest Monday?

Nah! Not today. The only thing we harvested this weekend was 6 quarters, some sunshine, and a new weed whacker!
That isn't to say I didn't bring in a handful of basil for my pizza and some Evergalde's tomatoes for salads but for the most part the garden was not producing this week. We put in some peanuts, and pulled some strawberries, yanked out the old yin/yang beans and put in some black eyed peas, but for the most part the garden was satus quo. I didn't go out much and it didn't really warrant it, either. It will be a few more weeks before it needs much attention from me again.

Here is my newest toy. Since Rich can no longer do the lawn work and I need to make things easier for ME to take care of this little toy is just for me it weighs in at 7lbs miraculously and the hardest part about using it? Is keeping the trigger squeezed. LOL. I guess that hand strength will come with time. It's battery operated so for now at least until we get caught back up with the yard work the battery is only good enough for the front yard before needing recharged to complete the back. I'm OK with that - my hand and arms can only hold it for that long, and that make me feel like a real WIMP.
Then again Rich complains about harvesting beans after 5 minutes and I could do it for an hour or two before I'm uncomfortable. I suppose we teach our bodies to get used to those things we do often.
Here is a picture of her, I think I'll call her Sally. (Ride, Sally Ride)

photo courtesy of Sears. :-) This Jobey is awesome. Plain and simple, and for someone with a smaller sized yard the battery would  probably be a fine size. I just wish more of my front yard was in my back yard! Then I could turn it into more garden. Of course at this rate I'll need to turn it all into rocks and pay for ROUND UP to come treat my yard just to try to keep up. I really don't know how I can do it by myself much longer. So far my only help has been that the garden is mostly in hibernation. Oh, and school is out - but it's only 20 days until the kids go back. YIKES! Then schedules will get even crazier again. Not to mention me. HAHAH! (I'll get even crazier then!) Somewhere between being gone from the house from 7am-7pm and coming home, dealing with dinner, homework, baths, lunches for the next day, laundry, and getting kids to bed I'll still need to find time to get out to do basic things like weeding, bug patrol, normal upkeep, watering and lets not forget cleaning the house........ Oh my - I'm feeling overwhelmed suddenly. Maybe I should look into more fruit trees, and less needy types of fruits and veggies. Is there such a thing? Something that will do well enough only tended to a couple times a week? I may also have to consider going non-organic in order to control things better less frequently. I suppose with things like dry beans and such it is one thing, but tomatoes, green beans and the like I don't know if I can compromise. (Not that I have a choice if I have to buy from a farmers market or grocers here)
Much to think about.

'Till next time!



  1. Like your weed whacker! You're right - your muscles will adjust in time. I hope your schedule doesn't get too hectic, and you still find a little bit of time just for yourself.

  2. Love the new look of your blog.

  3. Aw, Thanks Jody! Purple is my favorite color - but I never know if people see it or just look through the readers. LOL. I get a yearning for a change every few months. :-)

    HG- I hope so too. I'm trying to work on a schedule to make sure I still get some on the weekends.