Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Crop failure!

Well, the one thing I think I was the most excited for this summer turned out to be - a crop failure!
Left in it's wake is a slightly weedy, very much nonproductive almost nonliving practically just stems
 piece of garden. LOL. This was supposed to be Yin Yang. I was SOOOOOOO looking forward to it beans. I couldn't wait to show them to my little girls. To hear the giggles as they talked about how they looked like little Shamu's. And, to top it off we had plans to back up the bean harvest with a trip to Seaworld. I guess that is just not gonna happen now. The irony here is that right beside these beans, only separated by about 6" (to the left) are THESE BEANS:
 A little different, No? Yes. Indubitably so. The beans were all planted at the same time. Treated the same way. Have the same soil. In the same part of the garden. Now, this could be as simple as the Yin Yang is not as well cut out for our Florida summers - that could be the case, true. I hate to go off ordering another $5 packet of seeds to find out though. I'd like to try them again in the fall though. Just look how robust these rice beans are... and they are flowering already, too.

While I'm doing an update of sorts. Remember that I said the assassin bugs love my tomatillo plant? Well apparently they've been throwing some pretty good parties in there...

The great big all red one is a new one for me. Never had one like that before. Don't know if it is just a new morph or a different type of bug altogether. There are several life stages here so - Any entomologists out there? There are a lot of firsts for my garden this year. Not only is it a first for assassins, but this red bug is new, the cucumber beetle (certainly not happy about that) is new and so is a white 'eyed' bug as well. That thing was wild. It made me run around squealing like... well, like a GIRL when it flew up at me. I may be of the female persuasion, but 'girl' is not exactly what most people refer to me as. After all. When the man of the house next door had a snake in his closet it wasn't my husband that ran to save him.

The Yin Yang was replaced with Black Eyed Peas, and the crew of assassins were left to be - though I'm thinking there IS to much of a good thing going on there.

'Till next time!



  1. What a bizarre bean thing you've got going there. I guess you never can tell what's going to work and what's not. At least now you know for next year. Are those biting ants? Yikes!

  2. Holly... I had never heard of assassin bugs before. They sure look scary. We are seeing a lot of new bugs in our garden this year, too. What fun...

    Sorry about your Yin Yang beans. It's a great disappointment when you await a new crop with such excitement which turns out to be a flop.

  3. Don't feel too badly. I bought Chinese Red Noodle beans for $3 a packet, and every one of them came up and failed, just like yours. I think I did three plantings total, with no luck. Yet my other beans grew great.