Friday, June 10, 2011

Some ideas for fall projects.

While browsing the web today I fell upon the following things that I am looking forward to implementing in my spring garden. Yes, that is right. I am already looking ahead to my next spring garden. I could actually use some of these ideas in my fall garden - except I know better than to think that I would be out in this heat and humidity doing these projects. I mean, really? I love working outside but not for these big projects until it cools off some.
So, by posting these here not only will it serve as a reminder for me, and possibly be a little inspiration for you it also gives me a bit of accountability. Not to mention it gives me a place to look back at the ideas so they don't just get lost in this head of mine.
First up - Ideas for squash vines. If I had two of these dojiggys I could have two types of vines, they would be less likely to get the dreaded PM and the air circulation would be better.
And that little dojiggy? Well it turns into this with just 3 butternut squash planted on it:
Isn't it beautiful? A squash teepee! Due to stupid HOA rules the tee pee would have to be no more than 5' tall so that it would not show when the squash hadn't grown up it. But, that would be the least of my worries. I could see the tee pee getting overgrown by the end of a real growing season but here this far South in Florida our squash plants are usually squash just short of any true production anyhow so this should work just fine.  

Next up the fence trellis...
And other things to do with cattle panels as well....
Wouldn't these be perfect for 'bush' cukes?

And thus begins the project planning for next year when I have not completed the projects for this year yet. I mean HELLO!? I still have blueberry bushes in pots that are not very happy with me. It's far too hot for them to be baking like that. They need some respite. I was actually thinking a long, low (well 5.5' low) arch over the blueberries and growing melons and beans over them as I understand they do quite well in shade and they would get sun in the winter months before blooming in spring. It may work. Once they had bloomed and the fruit was set the beans and melons would be replanted and by the time the berries came off the bushes would be shaded for the hottest part of the summer again. Anyone with experience trying something like this?  I've got 13 blueberry bushes so I'll have 3  8' sections planted out with them. That is a lot of garden space to lose entirely after all I have only got 120' of space now. With the new beds (if they ever get built) I'll have 250 but I would be giving up 100 of it for the bb bushes.

Hopefully someone can shed some light (pun intended) on the shaded blueberries for me.

'Till next time!



  1. We sure could use a couple dojiggys like yours around our place. I love the fence as trellis idea. It's a beautiful way to make great use of space.

  2. How about 8"x10' ladder mesh? HD has it for about $2 each. Stick both ends in the ground to form an arch. Plant blueberry bushes under. I've got 2 hooked together at the top to make a walk-thru arch that I'm trying to get lima beans to grow on. Dang lubbers keep eating my lima plants.