Friday, June 24, 2011

The carnage

One week 'Post Accident' and the carnage is thus....

Anything that was already weakened, is now dead as a doornail. Even if the plant right next to it is still doing pretty well. This squash had aphids, but it's neighbor did not.
It also had a case of powdery mildew. It now has a case of the get me outta heres. The rest of the pot? The 2 newly planted cucumbers are toasty. They were seedlings. Diva cucumbers. One still in it's cotyledon leaves, the other was in it's third set of true leaves and nearing a first set of buds. Pooh. A 40 day set back. But, certainly one that can be overcome. I still have a vine of Sweet success hanging in there from March - and 3 other vines that seem to have made it past the 'uh-oh' phase of this madness. But, I have 3 more that are turning white and I'm very unsure of what to expect. It's still touch and go with them. Those 3 are also in the 3rd set of leaves, but are located outside and it will take all 3 of them to bring in one cuke a week without a pickleworm in it! HAHA!

The poor bell peppers, corn and sunflowers are well.... not so hot.
This sunflower fell over, and the leaves are brown and gross. A lot of clean up to be down the next week or so. *sigh*

This is how my entire strawberry bed looks. I'll be pulling anything green out of it, and putting it into a pot on the screen porch for some extra attention for the rest of the summer. Hopefully I'll have enough to pull through for next years winter crop. If not I guess I'll be buying for the first time.... that I can remember in years and years.

The blackberry and blueberries were both hit pretty hard.
The blueberries had just flushed so this was a pretty major set back. I'm going to wait a couple weeks and then fertilize the heck out of them. There is still green leaves, just not much.

Probably the most devastating of all is the yard itself. Just look at that mess! The peach trees are definitely hurting, but I think they will be OK. I THINK they will make it. They are not happy by any means. I just hope they hang in there and still bear next year.

My personal favorite is this one. I took great painstaking care with this baby. I dug it up in Alabama and brought it all the way home with me. I paid close attention to it. Watered it thoroughly. Even brought home some clay to keep it happy (to help it adjust better) I'm holding my breath. There are about 10 green leaves left. It's only 4.5' tall and this year I NEED it to bloom. Not for ITS fruit, but to cross pollinate another tree in the yard. For nectarines.....The tree just refuses to flower at the same time as the peaches do, and this little plum tree flowers a couple weeks later, right on que. IF (of course) it is alive.

So far the destruction is mostly minimal. With the exception of the lawn. *cringe* And it's too hot to do anything about that until Fall or Spring. It just looks weird for now. The trellis is empty on one side and that is odd in and of itself and I don't usually pull out so much at once. If it was spring I could just put seed in a VIOLA! Have new plants but it's in the high 90's each day so it's not likely I'll replant much. Guess I just start working on the stuff for the Fall garden and make any changes I'm wanted to do now while I can.

Wish me luck!

'Till next time!



  1. Keep thinking positive and looking forward! And you are right: start planning for the Fall!

  2. Oh, dear, that's worse than I imagined! Barb, do what you must to the husband. No judge would convict you after seeing that.

  3. I didn't mean to call you Barb, Barbie! I had a two year old on my lap, helping me type.

  4. *Teehee* I always say I'll answer to anything that starts with a 'B' Granny! :-D And it's nearly true! As long as I 'know' you that is.

    If I don't know you, call me Ma'am or Miss. (even though I am a Mrs.)'Spose this is a Southern thing, but it's alawys stuck with me from my roots.