Thursday, June 16, 2011

Beagle Bugle....

This little beagle needs a home.

One that doesn't have a man with a mean voice. One that might have children, but definately has a woman that needs a dog of her own. One that won't ever cut her ears and one that will take the time to teach her to go on a leash.

She is the perfect dog, with 2 exceptions.
1.)She can NOT be crate trained. She was abused when she was little (obviously look at her ears) and she will eat her way out of any cage. Including a bathroom door. However, she is just fine hanging out in the living room while you are gone. She is not destructive when she is not confined.
2.)She also doesn't know how to walk on a leash- and therefore how to go potty on a leash. When you are home during the day to let her go potty outside she does. She either needs to be an outdoor dog (she does not dig nor jump even the 4' fence!) or simply taken the time with to be trained.

My parents took this dog form the Beagle rescue society but they failed to mention that she is deathly afraid of gruff voices. My Dad's voice is very low and even when he is tlaking nicely she is shy from him. :-( It is so sad.

She does tricks. She knows how to sit, and shake and stay... well she has springs in her butt but she does stay. She is still somewhat playful, but not overtly destructive and most of all she is the sweetest dog.  I am so sad that I have to find her a home. But, we are gone 12 hours a day and there is no way to housetrain a dog under those conditions. No way that is humane anyway. Not only that, but circumstances what they are we really can't afford a thousand dollars a year for vet care, flea meds, heartworm meds, shots, food, toys and lets face it accessories. :-) I would love to adopt her. I would do it in a heartbeat if I were home more. But 12 hours away from home isn't fair to her. If this were 4 years from now or we were able to move closer to work where I could skip home on my lunch break to take her out... that would be a different story.

So if you know someone with a fenced in outdoor area that needs a dog, or someone with a big heart and a place for a dog. Someone that has time to spend actually taking a dog for a walk, who doesn't mind a cold wet nose looking for love. This little doggy sure would love a home, and I sure would love to know she's got a good one. My kids are so attached to her it's not even funny. This just breaks my heart, and she's only been around for a few months. *sigh*
Her name is Audrey. Audie for short. Did I mention she craves attention, but is just as happy sleeping at your feet? I sure will miss this girl.

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