Monday, June 6, 2011

Harvest Monday 6.6.11

I HAD intentions of coming over the weekend for some upkeep and to show you some comparison shots, but Monday is back upon us and instead it's back to Harvest Monday!

Once again I forgot to bring my harvest weights with me, but I did weigh this week. Promise!
The zucchini is reaching it maximum output capacity. The PM is taking hold and the heat is getting to it. After getting 2 monsters last week this weekend I haven't seen but one single flower. Most of the fruit is shriveling long before a bud is even capable of opening. I do believe this week will be the monsters last. It's been a good run. Still undecided if I will replant for the fall. I might, just for my Dad and maybe I can donate any extra to the local food pantry. I know they have fallen into hard times getting fresh fruits and veggies to put in with the canned goods.

Anyway - the goods!

Loads of cukes, I did pull the lemon cucumber plants. The mosaic virus was worst in them, and they were not producing well because of it. The Armenian cukes have 4 on currently and are outrunning the virus, and the sweet success have several on as well so I am waiting for the new cucumber vines to start in another area of the garden before I cull these. So far the fruit seems unaffected. Loads of hot peppers, cayenne, jalapenos, and hmmm... another type are coming in by the buckets - but it's truly amazing how little they weigh!

The last peach of the year. I found it clinging to dear life. It was to say the least, the best peach of the year. Might have something to do with the fact that there are no more. LOL And the strawberries are still producing. Of course if I'm not out in the morning the birds and worms and such tend to  have at it - and the heat definitely makes the berries swell. But it also makes me appreciate them more. :-)

 And, this..... I have no idea what this is.  I am not sure if this is something that I planted or it is a weed, a volunteer or what. It's shaped leaves are not something I recognize. Anyone out there with an ID?  Friend, foe, or otherwise?

It is in the lettuce bed. Of course the lettuce bed has never had lettuce in it. So this presents a bit of a problem. Not only that but since I put the lettuce bed in the squirrel has dug all in it so who knows what I'll be able to plant here. Maybe a root veggie would work. I'm not sure. I've seen the sneak pull up onions. Grrr.... She devil.

Ah well- 'Till next time!



  1. The leaves look familiar but I can't put my finger on it. I will look at my gardens when I get home. I am wondering if it is a flower? Morning Glory perhaps?

  2. No idea about the plant id! I can see how the last and first peach would be special. Nothing like a tree-ripened peach! I'm trying the Armenian cukes this year and have high hopes.

    I'm guessing the pantries could use all the squash they can get. I know ours here love anything they can get. I'm planting extra cukes this year for that purpose.

  3. I've got no idea what that plant is, but your harvest is beautiful! I checked to see where you are located beside of my potential for turtles, but florida and Missouri are pretty far apart! I'll definitely be looking for some good homes!

  4. I second something related to morning glory. Ooo peaches... I can dream. I've had trouble with Lemon Cukes holding up to disease as well.

  5. No idea what that plant is, the leaves are pretty though.
    I love Armenian cukes, envious of your fruits, I can only drool at other people's harvest.

  6. Lovely harvests! Zucchini and cucumbers seem so far away to us here in NH, but they'll be here before long.

  7. Unfortunately, I have no idea either. Of course now you've peaked out interested so you have to let it grow now!

    Great harvest! I can't wait until out summer veggies roll in.

  8. Your harvest is so far ahead of us. Our peaches are only an inch around.

  9. What a nice harvest. I have some similar looking "weeds" that vine up around my fences, but I am not sure either. I tend to agree with the previous comments about morning glory.

  10. The seed leaves are morning glory seed leaves, so I'm guessing everyone is right. Not that I've ever grown morning glories, but I have some coming up in my compost pile from leaves I collected in the fall. I have some coming up near my fence too so I'm wondering if I should let one grow.