Thursday, June 16, 2011

Mid June....
Rice peas and basil.....
Tomatillos the Lima bed the ever climbing (7' now) pole beans that offered up 2 wonderful beans, then quit all together. Now I must decide if I want to baby them for 2-3 months or replant. Oh, wait! I can't replant unless I buy seed. *grumble*
And some beautiful cukes still chugging along with 3-4 a week. Perfect for our family right now.

 The tomatoes are still hanging in there - well some of them are. It's a losing battle but there are still SOME on the vine....
Now for the ugly side of things. The finale of the Armenian cukes. I wish I could find the seed. I really wanted more of these plants out by now. I have NO IDEA what happened to the seed. Really. And the vine these final 2 are on? Well it needs to go. I'm not sure there is even enough energy for it to finish growing the smaller of the 2. It's quite sad really. I'll plant out the seed, from this cuke, but it is misshapen so I don't hold much hope for it. Ho-hum.  I have other varieties to try I just REALLY like this one.
As for the tomatoes, THIS is what I found for a large portion of them. Talk about not happy. WHAT the heck is eating them? That isn't typical caterpillar damage. Yes, that is a baby stink bug. No, I am definitely not giving up. I threw away at least 25 of these yesterday while going through the vines. If I hadn't found at least that many more healthy tomatoes to save all of them would have been ripped out I was so mad. I also threw out about 50 teeny tiny baby maters on accident. It was a train wreck. I just couldn't stop myself. The tomato patch had to be cleaned up in order to save the fully formed fruit already on the vine. (see picture above) Disease AND bugs are torturing these plants and I am trying to help them as best I can. I feel like a bad 'mater momma. 

 Speaking of bad mommas, check out what I did to my bell pepper plant. *cringe* Not ONE plant, but I did it to three! Now I only have 2 left. OK I have 3 but one of the others isn't looking so hot either. Good golly I should know better.

June in a nutshell. Now it's time to go back and look at last year. I feel behind.

'Till next time!


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