Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Darn Blogosphere! & Bloom pics!

I just had to put it out there for the record.

Last night I went home and made:

Rice Krispy Treats (thanks Granny)
Zucchini Brownies (thanks Ribbit!)
Tomato Sauce because i had a shelf full of tomatoes again...
Pork chops and Hawaiian rolls...(tasty travels went home recently)

You guys have me wanting a little of everything! I couldn't stand it, so I whipped up a lot of dishes and ate my heart out!

Wanna know what's blooming in my little world?
Lillies, and Iris and cannas - sunflowers galore....



Hibiscus and marigolds joined the crew, too/.
 And a poor confused apple tree.... Ah well at least it bloomed this year! Maybe next year I'll finally get some fruit!

 Coriander is so wispy and beautiful

The painted sunflowers are seed shared from Mary.  Amazing, aren't they? Several varieties and coloration's came each has their own characteristics.  I think that last multi-headed one is my favorite. Think of the bouquet I could have with that one stalk!

'Till next time!



  1. Woohoo! Hope you enjoyed the "muzzini cupcakes." It's Granny's fantastic recipe. We love them here.

  2. Beautiful collection of flowers blooming in your garden. Like the sunflower very much.