Monday, January 31, 2011

Harvest Monday 1.31.11

Well, it's is Monday again. This week I only have 4.6oz of buttercrunch lettuce to add to my tally. But, I do have some pictures to share. My little baby sprouts are making me happy so I'm spreading that here! :-)

I really enjoyed this Key Lime Strawberry Iced Tea last weekend especially with a couple of my strawberries tossed in and a lime for garnishment. It was a right refreshment for some good garden and House work! See my beautiful berry. It may be small, but it is mighty. They are the tastiest strawberries around! I wish I was able to have enough  plants to truly supply us with our strawberry needs but we'd have to live at a Strawberry farm, and well, Meh- those strawberries just don't taste the same. Ask my kids. They got mad at me when I gave them each a bowl full of berries the other day. 'Cause they 'didn't taste right'! At least they realize the value of our efforts.  Recently I was lectured that we can't go to Alabama any more without bringing our food from our garden because we don't have a garden there. Smart kid. But, luckily in Alabama there are lots of people that do grow veggies!

The cabbage is a thing of beauty in the garden. The intricate patterns on the giant leaves, the tightly wound heads. It's great to have these to enliven an otherwise dark space.

Garden peas are on the way. Climbing steadily towards the sky. It's been a few days and the growth on these has been exponential. I can't wait to show you next week! They have grown at least 6"!

Snow peas that are near the pool pump are still going strong even though sadly the others perished from the weather in the 20's last week.
 These tendrils always searching for something  to grasp- the kids like to try to get them to strap around their fingers. But with so little patience they don't usually succeed. Though, recently I found a pencil in the garden....
Ah, this is what has become of some of the most recently processed Tabasco peppers. HOT pepper flakes! And boy howdy they pack a punch. :-D

Stop on over at Daphne's and see how others are using their harvest or what they are harvesting!


  1. Wow, peas growing in the garden already. We just started soaking our seeds yesterday to get them germinating before we plant them out in the next week. We'll have to cover them on the colder nights though.

    A Tabasco peppers really do pack quite the punch. Thanks a nice amount of flakes you have there.

    Nice cabbage too. We have hope for maybe 1 as the voles ate our other 2 plants. sigh.

  2. Your cabbage is absolutely beautiful!! Lucky you to have peas growing...they are one of my favorites!!!

  3. Oh the temperture swings drive most of us gardeners nuts! I've had the opposite problem with my peas - they're so heat stressed this winter. Your strawberry is beautiful and so are the cabbages!

  4. Oooo..your cabbage are photogenic! =0) They're pretty! And the peas are so cute! Makes me excited for the weather to warm up! We still have a little ways to go for pea weather here in the Pacific NW but your pictures make me smile!

  5. I love cabbage - it is such a beautiful plant and a workhorse food producer too. The pea pics were wonderful too - nothing like peas to say "spring is arrived"!

  6. Those are some gorgeous photos. I'm hoping to have enough strawberries for our needs. I'm going to under plant all the fruit trees along the rock wall garden with them. I so LOVE strawberries. I could eat a pint everyday. I won't but I could.

  7. Yes, I think cabbages are a thing of beauty as well and htat strawberry looks divine. My kids normally consume all berries before I have a chance to notice them. I have to make them promise to let them get ripe occasionally.