Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Projects and laziness

This is how we spent this past weekend....

OUTDOORS! The girls really enjoyed spending time outside all weekend. Of course I spent the majority of the afternoon in the back yard tending to the composter project. But once the sun began to sink we came out front to enjoy the weather. When they were done with this little project we had houses, cars, flowers and all assortments of critters in every color of the rainbow (an a rainbow) on our driveway.  

 I also finished up a request:
SOMEONE (My Mother) was sore at me that I had made myself a scarf like this one only mine was in blues/greens.  Now of course our weather is due to be quite glorious for another week or so. While I hope she gets to use her new scarf I really hope it's more of a fashion statement than a necessity. ;-) There will be 2 more made shortly. Now that she has her she wants my girls to each have one as well. All in this pink! She didn't want a hat but the girls will each have one. I just love a matching scarf and hat I just have to figure out how to crochet mittens. Not that I can't figure that out. It's just getting the sizing right without guidance will be a bit confusing. A challenge I may just be up for. But first - I must be lazy there are 2 movies calling my name - then the scarves!

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  1. I love the scarf! I've been knitting avidly the last few weeks. I guess the cold weather is inspiring... I'm thinking this is crochet, right?