Monday, January 3, 2011

I wasn't kidding!

We really did get snow. A LOT of it. It snowed like this for more than 24 hours straight! Sometimes it was small flakes like this and other times the flakes were HUGE all googly gobbed together. Absolutely mind-numbing I couldn't stop staring out the windows. I burnt breakfast even. It snowed Christmas evening and the entire next day. There were a few small flurries the following morning but it quickly cleared up. My sincerest apologies for the crummy quality and nearly dropping the camera. Oh, PLEASE mute. You really don't want to hear me talking to the kids. LOL.

Well, after posting I went to see it and you can hardly see the chaos the snow really was. :-(  Ah, well. Most of you know what snow looks like. This was sideways snow. LOL THe wind was really cranking.

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  1. I saw it! I only remember what snow looks like because we sometimes have to drive through it to get back home from Arizona in the spring. It's been probably fifteen years since we've spent a winter at home.