Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas Day...

On Christmas Day this year I apparently put the camera down hoping that someone else (MY HUSBAND) would kindly take a few pictures. No such luck. For that I was awarded the worst Mommy of the day award, thank you very much. I did catch a couple shots but not much.

After Breakfast we promptly packed it up and headed for my parents  property in Alabama. This is where we hope to someday homestead. The house is over 110 years old. Believe it or not. See the barren trees behind the house? Pecan trees. Planted about 20 years after the House was built. They provide us a wonderful gift. They also provide the people that help out with the maintenance of the grounds some pocket change each year. This year however they harvested the entire harvest without permission. Simply because in years past we let them harvest. What they didn't realize is that we let them harvest AFTER we have what we need. (About 10 gallons of pecans) They overstepped the bounds and I sure hope my parents speak up about it. These line the side and the back of the property.

Once there it promptly began snowing. MUCH to my eldest child's amazement. He did this for hours. Only, I promise you he wasn't laying down on the job (darn blogger wont let me turn it!)
Currently about 140 of the 186 acres are planted with pine trees that will be felled for my parents final gift for the grand kids. What you see in green is truly that. That my friends is college tuition. And of course the remainder is for whatever is left of their retirement. It will be promptly replanted in the same manner. Only about another 40 acres shy as I have big plans.
There are also plum trees there, and we hope to plant some apples this spring as well. There is a large pond/small lake as well. It's a hike down there but worth it. It's stocked. Brim and Bass mainly. There are several fields that get planted out each year. Last year wheat. This year corn. Only unfortunately it went dent before we got there for harvest. It's fine though it was mainly planted for feed so it's not a loss at all really. Just a shame that we didn't catch it at milk stage as it is a decent quality for roasting at that stage. I love me some fresh roasted corn. LOL.
There are so many wonderful qualities about this place. The neighbors? Oh that. They Moo a lot and occasionally howl or yip. There is one elderly lady that lives up the road and a small family about a mile down. Beyond that your hard pressed to yell and be heard. Works out well for my kids. They do yell a lot. There is an additional 5 acres just across the street that we have (paid off) for an emergency plan. Should something happen to suddenly find Rich and I both jobless and in trouble. That little piece of land is all mapped out in my head for the big what-if. As is the larger piece of land. One day, some day I know it will kill me to move away from the saltwater but this land makes it worth it. Sustainability is there. Meanwhile I will just keep practicing.

Oh and New Years Eve? Well nothing red-neck about that. We listened to gun shots (shot gun) from a couple miles down. It lasted about oh, 10 minutes and all was quiet again. Having no internet and no cable no phone takes a little getting used to but it is so nice to unwind and listen to nature. But now it's time to get back to work, and back to school, and back to normal. HAHA! Wish me luck on the last one.
'Till next time!

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  1. What a lovely place! It sounds like your family really enjoyed the holidays.