Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Busy weekend

It seems that all through the year my calendar is chock full of things to do on the weekends. Then, all of a sudden it's August and I'm flying by the seat of my pants! I'm much more of the schedule as much of possible type so this of course is concerning to me. It helps me remember that I can and SHOULD occasionally let go of control and wait. Wait to see what happens. This weekend was the first unplanned weekend and instead of being able to catch up on some organization projects that I'd like to have tackled I seem to have managed to get company instead. Friends that I dearly love. People I cherish in my life, but rarely get to spend real time with. This weekend? Now it's all about the GIRLS! WHOOHOO! Saturday is now full of promises of sunkissed skin and refreshing dips in the pool. Good conversation and (hopefully) good food, too. So, here's to throwing the schedule out the window and waiting. It only took a couple days to find me, and I'm SO glad it (they) did!

On the garden front I have new babies! Here is the roll call: Lakota squash is up! Autumn Gold (Squash) is up! Pickalot cucumbers up! Sierra Gold Canteloupe is present! Crimson Sweet - only 1, so I need to replant (not sure what happened there!)
Black beans are into 2nd true leaves. That is it for the newest. Planting again this weekend so I'm sure I'll have more to report in another week - 10 days.
The pumpkins for October are starting to finally get going well. They are 35 days in so I was hoping for just a little more growth. They are still only about 18" long. So I decided to go feed the garden last night. Cowpeas are pushing up the first blossoms. I've never seen such a timid blossoming. I'll presume that the next 2 weeks will begin churning out the pods. Sure hope so. I'd hate to think I wasted that space on the fence. I could have used that for cukes!
Mostly the garden is looking bare. I have a new bed to finish soon. We were ticketed by the county because we had a plastic storage building 3'x5' and they don't allow - can you imagine? UGH. We took it down so the space it occupied will be turned over and added to the vine patch. :-) I had plans brewing for that space long before the county came out. LOL - It made Rich upset but I was grinning ear to ear when we were told to take it down. Priorities differ I suppose. We will need something to house the lawn mower and such after all! (here it is all the way to the right. So now the area from the wooden playhouse to the fence will be my vining patch. I've learned my lesson. No more vines over 4' in the main garden! I was devestated when I lost my pumpkins a few weeks ago. I've started fresh with them, but the wait is sure to do me in. They'll never be ready before the girls birthday. *pout* Oh well, I should still have them before Thanksgiving! :-D

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