Monday, August 23, 2010

Update on Kate,

Kate's foot was not getting better, so we took her in. Thankfully it wasn't getting any worse - but we weren't waiting any more! Some steroids and some antibiotics and TADA- All better. Mostly anyway, a huge step in the right direction. At least I don't have to feel guilty that it wasn't the right choice. She is no worse for the wear. The Dr reassured me that waiting a day as long as it wasn't painful, marking the swollen area, and benadryll were all the right steps. He also told me that he was glad I went ahead and brought her in because with bug bites (especially on extremities) it's very easy for infection to be nil one minute and raging the next.

So thanks for the comment on the post. MRSA is definatley a huge worry with a bite that doesn't heal. :-* Big ole smoochie for you!

Since i'm updating- the shed is still up in the air. No word form the county. I've called twice more but nothing.

Annah's fever never did come back, nor did she have any other syptoms so we are chalking it up to the surgery being sucessful and that it was truly an ear problem as is her m.o. for such things. 12 hours of fever versus days of fever and vomiting, and months of antibiotics - I'll take it for what it is and say thank goodness she is healed!

Pop went in for surgery for Kidney stones this week, while they were prepping him they noticed an arrythmia so now he's off to the cardiologist and has no relief on the way any time soon for the kidney issues. It wasn't a heart attack, but so far that is all I know.

My computer is - well a new computer, and still there are kinks. Files missing and things moved around. Not everything has been fixed yet - but I am now operating on Windows 7 and so far, at least I am operating. New savings fund for 1 or 2 back up drives for my pictures. I'm giving up on saving for the new (uesd) camera. I'll focus on keeping the pictures I do take safe and sound - and that includes new flash drives and SD cards as well. If anyone has a need for my CF card, I'll gladly trade or sell. It's only 2GB unfortunatley - but it's something. I'll trade for some seeds even. ;-) LOVE my seed collection.

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