Monday, August 30, 2010

Harvest Monday

It’s not much - but it’s also not all I got. There is one more picture I just can’t get to it today.

Unfortunately I am back in nowheresville with my computer. I have broken yet another one. My personal belief is that this is a virus that is following me around from one cpu to the next. I tried to explain that each time they build me a new machine they image my entire hard drive and essentially paste it into the new computer. Makes since to me if you copy a virus and paste it somewhere that as soon as it can it’s going to do what it’s built to do, right? Well- it’s MY theory anyway. IT’s theory? It changes daily. Last week it was the electrical wiring in the wall – who knows what this week.

BACK to the garden. Tabasco peppers are VERY abundant right now, but nothing else is. Nothing else can take the 2+ weeks of rain that we’ve had. Let me state for the record I’d LOVE a nice sunny day soon, please? Even my Okra isn’t putting forth nearly as well! Not really complaining, but at the same time…. I’m trying very hard to let one of the pods go to seed on the strongest plant. It’s hard though. I keep forgetting and cutting it. J Time to tie a ribbon to it. While I don’t need tons of seeds I do need a good couple dozen in case I plant too early next year, or get irradicated by a fleet of grasshoppers or other such not so nice bugs. It’s been known to happen!

It’s also very difficult for me right now to continue to be vigilant as there are so few harvest that I am finding myself down about my garden. It’s coming around but very slowly. I did some planting last week. More (the last) corn, tomatoes were transplanted, burgundy beans and French filets, Cantaloupe seeded, reseeded the broccoli - the rain wiped out the little bitty seedlings, pulled up some of the cowpeas that are drowning to make space for fall plantings. The cowpeas have taken this rain the hardest. It is prime time the past 2 weeks for them and instead they offer me little to nothing. It’s despairing compared to the spring crop from only half the plants. They may rebloom, but I’m doubting enough and in time to keep me from yanking their butts out and replacing with something else. Thinking next year to give crowders a try. J

Until next time~


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  1. I'll be posting about growing okra tomorrow too. I'm really learning to love it and appreciate how good it is for you.
    Late summer is difficult in the garden. The weeds are crazy and bugs are all over the place. Hang in there!