Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Email Blog?

Just making sure. This can sure come in handy. I’ve had to worry about certain sites being taken away from work lately. Which, in all honesty I don’t really mind. I do prefer to keep up with certain people, and I have specific places I visit but I don’t have internet access at home. So, I know full well that there are times (*ahem* like right now) that I take advantage of the system and do things at work that I really should be saving for my own time. Thus it seems only right that the Company is closing down certain sites. FB and MS are missing among others. So – if you manage to find me you know why I haven’t been around those parts. Not that I post much on FB or at all on MS but I do keep up with people there.

At any rate – I’m setting up email capabilities now so at the very least I can post and know that others can find it even if I can’t find them.


  1. gotcha girlfriend! I love your profile pic, btw!!

  2. YEAH Jackie! I do believe YOU were the one so crazy about my sunny pic after all. :-) Thanks for finding me. I really think I like the way this blog runs better. Throw me an email. Keep me posted on what's going on!!!