Thursday, August 19, 2010

As luck would have it.

Well, My littlest babe of all – she’s been fever free and not sick at all since her surgery in June. As of last night we can’t say that any more. As luck would have it this is playing out just like all of her other ear woes. L I’m not happy. Not at all. Fever over 103* no other symptoms makes this a FUO. Just. Like. Always. Joy.


She was perfectly fine last night when she went to bed. 2 hours later she was screaming and shaking and poor little baby was hallucinating, and burning up, like steam coming off of her hot! I stripped her down, got the ibuprofen, wet a washcloth and got to work. 20 minutes later 103.4. I can’t imagine how hot she was when she first woke up. Poor little B girl. She’s down when she first gets meds, then screeching hot again 2 -3 hours later. Praying for some relief tonight for her (and me, both!) and that tomorrows dawn brings her fever down and her body healed. If not we are heading to the peds for an ear check and urine check.


On the gardening front I have a lovely little bag of seeds that really needs to get into the ground. But, every afternoon like clockwork about 20 minutes after I get home the sky opens and we get rain and or enough lightening to keep the kids away from the windows! The seeds patiently await the promise of the new day on my kitchen counter. Seems that new day is going to have to wait even longer. Hopefully this weekend I’ll get caught up with what I want to get in the ground. The filet beans, the purple beans, the rest of the limas, the corn, the onions all need to go in soon. It will be too late if things don’t get in quick like. Well, for the longer season things like corn anyhow.


Soon all the autumn seedlings will be racing time and I’ll be ever so Impatiently awaiting their harvest. Meanwhile, I check my mail eagerly for the next seed catalog so I can diligently drool over all the varieties that are still out there to be tried. Somewhere in those scrumptious pages lies my perfect tomato, pumpkin, winter squash, bean, broccoli….you get the picture.


On the shed front, the county has officially sent us a summons. We took the stupid thing down within 24 hours of speaking to the code enforcement guy and called him twice more to make sure he knew it was gone. Yet, somehow, someway he managed to lose our paperwork. Grrr….rrr… I’m not happy at all.  I’m also beginning to wonder if there is a county ordinance against roosters in the garage? Teehee… THAT would get the attention of our neighbors who turned us in for that tiny little lawnmower hider. Now, seriously! Just what am I supposed to do with my lawn equipment? I can’t keep it in the garage as the kids playroom and Troy’s room are right above and the fumes from the gasoline penetrate the walls. UGH! I’m also considering picking up a used and busted lawnmower to let sit in my yard to show whoever decided they didn’t want me to have that little shed what it was I was trying to keep out of sight. Let that bad boy rust on my front lawn for a few months and I bet they’d be GLAD if I had a little shed again. Sheesh!


OK rant over, for now.




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