Wednesday, July 28, 2010


My seed order that I was planning on starting this weekend? It's been delayed. *sniff* I have to wait until Aug. 20th. That sets me back by an entire month! Time to rethink my diagrams and look at what I have now that might be able to withstand the heat next month and still manage to stay on schedule for blooming with the cooler night temps. Fruit set is just too low until September to bother with much besides Okra, Cowpeas, and tabasco peppers. All of which I am not willing to replant more because I want the space available when the seeds do arrive.
I guess i have to live with a mostly bare garden and wait it out for a month. THAT is going to take more patience then I typically have. :-( I'm the kind of gardener that as soon as one plant is gone another should replace it. Oh Well! I'll be back with the new and improved plan. Back to the drawing board!
And on a side note- I R~E~A~L~L~Y want to get a few celebration acorn squash seeds. Like REALLY want them, NOW! I just can't see paying $4 for the seed, and $5 for shipping. KWIM? So put that on my wish list for now, right next to the seminole squash I want for my brothers yard.

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