Friday, June 28, 2013

The flattened corn. Results.

I DID get some corn from the stalks that were felled during Tropical storm Andrea.
But then again....
Not so much.
EH -  Oh well!
I'm now under the firm assumption that corn stalks that are laying down just don't fertilize well. Something to do with the silks and the tassels not getting together much. It was worth the try. These little nibblets were sucked of the cob so they were not wasted, but of course it is not enough to hit the harvest Monday posts.
I do have a few more ears for that, but not much. Was it worth saving? I don't see why not. I mean I spend each fall and spring planting up 3' square or 4' square of corn all to get jsut 4 or 6 ears of yumminess. This is turn would have been a decent crop if it hadn't fallen over.
See you soon!


  1. Mine seems to get blown over nearly every year, but not flattened. It rights itself in a few calm days. I've had some corn with poor pollination, just like yours, without being flattened. It was planted in a block, too. I think the wind blew all the pollen away from the ears!

  2. Next we'll be going out at night to try to get the corn pollinated just right. Putting on some music.... *snort*