Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Growing up.

It's hard on us Mom's sometimes to watch the littles get all big.
To watch them assert their independence and do things without us.
Getting pets was one of those steps.

I love watching the love and tenderness that I've taught them through my actions shining out into the way they treat these little parts of our family. Oh be sure of it, I hear things that have come from my mouth as well. 'I told you not to do that. Now look what you've done, and just who do you think is going to clean this mess up?' LOL (Mom will be obviously)

The first loose tooth, lost tooth and big tooth. Though in this girls case she didn't do them in that order. This girls got rows of teeth. Just call the girl shark tooth. She kinda likes it. We have been asking her if that is why she is growing so much, because she's able to eat more with so many teeth in her mouth. :-D

There is also always the moving up ceremonies. They make the kids feel so special. No matter how many of these a Mother has been to it always pulls on your heartstrings and produces that lump in your throat. Even when the lady next to you has produced a few unglamorous sounds and yelled rather loudly that, "Hey, Buddy! I 'd like to see my kid, too 'eh!'  hehe. Not that I could see either of mine. I just wasn't going to give into the goading of it. Why go there?

But what really got me? Oh what really got me was this little number.


This is not acceptable to do to me. A boyfriend? And see how shes all snuggled up to him? YIKES! I can't handle the truth! I'm just not ready for this. Aw, but they are so cute together. She says she only likes him because all the other boys pee on the seat. Shhh... don't tell her - she's got a lifetime of dealing with that still to come. *snort*

And when I get the most misty eyed?

Truly utterly moved?

That is when this handsome man steps into the picture. Be. Still. Mine. Heart.

*sigh* He may not be perfect but he's given me these wonderful children. Did I mention that one of them is getting their drivers license soon? GAG!


And just when I am feeling all sentimental and sniffling like an idiot about how grown up my kids are getting?
They go off and do this...

Sure do love the little rascals. :-D
See you soon!

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