Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Down n out.

The garden and I. We both are. I dealt with strep throat from the kids last week. This week I have some sort of flu/cold from my husband. I don't normally catch colds but I was at the tail end of the strep thing from the kids and susceptible I suppose. This is knocking me for a loop.

Meanwhile the garden is fending for itself, and not very well. Between Tropical Storm Andrea and our normal rain pattern I'm afraid it's too much water right now. Luckily the beans most affected were at the end of their lifespan anyway. It would have been nice to get a second cropping, but at least I have enough for replanting next year. Same thing happened last year so if it happens again next year I'm going to give up and eat the dang beans. These would be the ever expensive yin/yang beans. Also known as the Holstein cowpea. I paid $2.50 for 35 seed peas originally last year (or was it the year before...) Now I'll have enough to plant a whole plot, but it took 2 years because of foul weather. The plants are sturdy, take a great amount of heat, but they just wont take the wet feet. Once our rains set in they start to deteriorate. I guess I'll have to plant them out earlier in the spring next year. These may be better suited for Alabama, it's usually much drier there and the sandy clay tends to drain better than my boxes. Then again these are cowpeas. Perhaps I should set them up in my regular old sugar sand with the hibiscus. There is a thought.

SO off topic. I guess my brain is starting to process things even though my body still feels the pull to go back to bed. The poor chickens are also fending for themselves. The only good news is that I recognized the signs when my sinuses started opening up the night before I fell ill and was able to get out to the coop and get them all fresh bedding and make sure they had food, water, etc. They may be sitting on a clutch of eggs, but they should be fairly happy out there. I'll send the kids out to gather the eggs today and make sure there is still plenty of food.

Hopefully by this weekend I'll be feeling good enough to get rid of the plants that have died off and start replanting summer loving plants. I'll undoubtedly have a ton of weeding to do as well. It's now been 2+ weeks without weeding. I can only imagine the jungle out there. :-( This is when it would be good to have a lawn boy or at least a neighbor I could trust to actually tend to things correctly. Ah, well. Such is life. I'm on the mend and it won't be long now.

See you soon!


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