Monday, December 5, 2011

Harvest Monday 12.05.11

December's first Harvest Monday report!

Linking into Daphne's for the party over there. Make sure you stop by to say hi and tell her thanks for hosting!

Well- after I said that I checked the link and she hasn't posted yet so if she doesn't post still pop on by and wish her well. She normally posts before the sun rises and keeps us gardeners straight!
This weeks harvests looked like this most nights:

I don't have a lot to share as the garden clean up from my week long hiatus hasn't even been completed yet. The peppers suffered from both my absence and a brief dip into the upper thirties. The marigolds that had spread 4' tall and 5' wide are both history. Wow what a sorry sight they are! The purple beans are nearly all gone. What is left is a tangled mess with a couple of live vines intertwined. It breaks my heart to rip them all out because there are a few left that are producing of course and this time of year there is no hope of starting any new plants and harvesting anything from them. The bush beans are nearly all done as well so a tiny handful this week is my pitiful bounty for green beans... but this is December - so I'm NOT complaining!

The cucumber vines also all shriveled up from the cold, and the tomatillos as well... I have one that is still alive but with only one alive it is doubtful that it could set fruit again this year so I will see tonight what is left to mature and bring in anything promising to finish the harvest for the tomatillos for the year. Time to start next years plants indoors! :-D They don't get nearly as tall as tomatoes so I'm seriously thinking about doing this. Besides the purple ones are kinda pretty.

The 'english' peas are doing well and Richard and I enjoy eating them as a snack fresh without cooking them. We eat them rather the way most people eat popcorn- in front of the TV. :-D

Some more Daikons and greens came in - and the first of the lettuce provided a nice salad this week, but silly me got to eatin' before taking a picture.

The Holiday season has officially set in full force as the sitter is officially on the schedule for the remainder of the month and every single week is jam packed with activities and I am scrambling to figure out when to do my baking already! I suppose this is a good thing, but the tree is only up and somehow we need to find time to string lights, and garland and ornaments, and decorate outside and sheesh! I'm tired just THINKING about all that. *teehee* When, exactly did I get O~L~D?

'Till next time!


  1. Barbie I have *pea envy*! I have failed to post my Harvest Monday's for a while...just a few leeks, carrots, lettuce, celery and such. Now the Holiday's are upon us and I'm really having a tough time keeping up!

  2. Your December harvests are quite abundant and how lucky you are to still be enjoying fresh peppers, tomatoes, and beans! Those are long gone in our garden - only the frozen and canned varieties of those items are available to us until next late summer.

    Pace yourself on the holiday tasks - it's the fun in the doing - not the finishing it all that is important.

  3. Barbie at least you still have something coming from the garden. I can only sit and dream and look at seed catalogs until spring.

  4. Winderness - Believe me, I'm so happy to have things growing in my garden! I would be sitr crazy without it. Hang onto those catalogs, they'll help you through!

    KFG - I don't have time in the summer to can so I go wtihout when it's not growing fresh. I don't think I could live up north! LOL. Pacing the Holiday activities is hard. I WANT to do it all!!! :-D

    Lynda- Girl - POST! ;-) I wanna see! I didn't link in but did post from the road while I was gone. On one hand I wish I could grow celery for cooking but on the other hand, it would take up space and not grow well here so... I guess it's just one of the things I have to buy.

  5. We haven't even got our tree up, so you are doing better than we are. lol!!! Sounds like a busy time for you. Your harvest looks great.


  6. I will have to wait until next year for fresh peas and tomatoes and like Wilderness sit and dream nd look at seed catalogs.

  7. Oh fun still tomatoes, peppers, and cukes? I think you are doing quite well there! Love the peas!

  8. I sometimes think we grow peas just to have something to snack on in the garden! You're making me think of spring already...