Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Bento Tuesday

It's the first Tuesday of December and once again I haven't been all that great at taking pictures of my bento boxes.

But, if I don't try to make the post I won't actually do it and so I am here to show you what I do have!

This month I got a brand new bento box, and got it home, washed it up, tested it out, and promptly - threw it away. It wouldn't stay shit and it didn't seal at all. The concept of it was fantastic. It had 3 divided areas on one side and a flap that divided the container in half so that when shut you could have one side open for either a sandwich or a meal (pasta, meat, etc)a clip was supposed to hold the entire thing shut. Not only did the clip not function to hold the container closed, but the divider didn't seal properly so it simply wasn't worth my time trying to find a way to keep it closed. It wasn't entirely a waste. I knew it was an off brand when I bought it. It was a charity sale. (School fund raiser) Brilliant concept - poor execution. Next time I'll take the $12 I spent on that container and double it so I can get one that will work correctly!

So without any more drama here are the lunches:

Breakfast for lunch one day                                                                      Corn nuggets, carrots, yogurt, and an apple

  Chicken strips cut up with cheese, apples, and carrots                                a goldfish sandwich (turkey and cream cheese)      and goldfish pretzel mix

This one was interesting linberger jam and turkey on rye with a fruit salad. Go figure!

Since I'm not great at pictures - this wraps up the bento Tuesday!

See you next time!



  1. Delicious and healthy looking bentos. That reminds me I have to get a new lunchbox for my son tomorrow.

  2. Do you get all of the lunch in one box or do they have to carry a couple of boxes. I have some round boxes that were designed to do you own TV dinners in. They are divided into 3 sections with a great lid. They would work great.

  3. Teehee - I didn't know anyone actually paid any attention to these beto posts! I really put them here more to remind myself to pack them more frequently and to give myself better ideas of what works and doesn't for the kids.

    So far all these are fitting into one box. Some of them are stacking and occasionally I'll throw in a side of soething like yogurt or a dip that I don't want to spill. Otherwise it goes into one and then that container goes into a cooler type bag. Mybe next time I'll do an update on that part. :-)

    Thanks for the comment! :-D I feel LOVED!