Monday, December 12, 2011

Harvest Monday 12.12.11

Linking in once again to Daphne's place for Harvest Monday!

This Monday features our normal December fare of citrus! We got lots of citrus this week, and some tomatoes (red, orange and yellow, too!) Bell pepper, broccoli and hot peppers of course. Not pictured are the peas and radish and a salads worth of lettuce as well.

Also harvested was one sow. We split the meat with our parents so 55 pounds of pork to the freezer. Yippee! :-)

Sown this week: Oregon Snow peas, Kuroda carrots, Little Gem lettuce (thanks Daphne for the lettuce seeds!)

Till next time!


  1. What a great harvest! I'm jealous of the citrus! good on you for harvesting your own meat; can't wait until I can get that set up here.

  2. Fresh pork sounds great. Tomatoes are just a fond memory here now, except for the ones we preserved. I'm glad you are getting some warm season veggies!

  3. Admiring your harvest. Are you able to garden year round?

  4. Great harvest. I'm glad you could get a little pork in your freezer. We processed a deer today. We're ground about 35 pounds. We're hoping to make jerky with most of it.

  5. Your harvest looks lovely!


  6. Totally jealous of the citrus. Not something that grows in our area without access to a heated (large) greenhouse. Also envious of the fresh tomatoes and peppers - those are memories now until next growing season.

  7. Mary- Before this we used to split a side of beef or pork with someone it's cheaper (sometimes) and you always know where the meat comes from that way!

    Dave- Thanks, if I depended on preserves I'd be in big trouble no time in the summer for that. I always intend to can but don't find the time. :-(

    Norma- yes there is something year round. We rarely freeze - mainly frosts so brassicas in winter work out pretty well.

    Jody - we processed a doe a few weeks ago between the two we have a good supply now. :=D Makes me HAPPY!!!

    Lynn- TYVM!

    KFG - If I had a greenhouse I'd probably have even more... greedy like that. teehee.