Monday, November 7, 2011

Harvest Monday 11.7.11

Ahhhh... November, my Love. How I have missed you. How I have longed to be held in your cool embrace. :-)
Now - don't let that go to your head my lover. One of my favorite things about you is the warm days that come along with your cool nights. Decembers chilly winds are too cool for my Floridian body to enjoy so don't go off getting too cold on me just yet!

Linking in for Harvest Monday with Daphne's Dandelions. Thanks Daphne for allowing us to crash your pad and hang out each week!

My garden gave to me this fine November week -
Tomatillos and  a bell pepper. There are many more of both of these waiting for me in the garden!
Hot peppers, green (and yellow & purple) beans. This variety of purple bean doesn't do as well as some of the others I have trialed and once my seed stock of these are gone they won't be replaced. They are good but the plants are not nearly as sturdy as this springs planting of purple beans.
Another pound of lima beans for side dishes and mostly these are mine because I adore them!

Some greens and more green beans and a pepper that needed saved.
In honor of the berry patches (2) being completed I celebrated by baking up a bag of my spring berries:
Muffins, mini loaves and pancakes will make breakfasts easy for the beginning of the week.

I'm looking forward to sharing the final expansion of the garden during the week - but now that daylight savings has "fallen behind" I don't know that I will be home during daylight hours to take any good photos. The project is complete and 24' x2' of space has been added (and already planted out!) to my garden. I love knowing the space is there and this spring I won't have to juggle which veggies I want. I should have enough room for just a little of everything. :-D WOOHOO!!!!
If all else fails I'll share the cell phone pics that were taken at the end of the project so I can at least show off my hard work. My back is still yelling at me for trying to do so much so fast but my brain is happy and in the end that makes it all better.

'Till next time!



  1. Oh how nice it is to see warm weather vegetables in November! Enjoy.

  2. I can't imagine November garden produce that includes tomatillos and peppers - never lived far enough south to have that be possible!

  3. Marvellous muffins! I'd be interested to know how you cook your lima beans as I'm not very familiar with them.

  4. I love lima beans but not the shelling part.

  5. How nice to have tomatillos! Mine did absolutely nothing this year, so I'm officially jealous!

  6. Your kids are so lucky to have berry treat every week. Tomatillos and lima bean is in my future want to try growing list. But I am not familiar how to enjoy them. You always have endless of pepper supply too!