Thursday, November 17, 2011

Harvest Monday 11.21.11

Harvest Monday is here again and I'm back with yet another first for my garden.
Daikon radish, greens and broccoli. OK only the Daikon is a first of the year but it still counts!

These two beauties featured in my garden update came to lunch one day as well. :-)

The citrus is doing well. Since we had a cold snap it's really sweetened up and the trees will be bare shortly with all 5 of us enjoying the fruit now! Typically I enjoy the slightly bitter fruit before it's fully ripe but the kids don't touch it. That just means more for me, but as soon as that first cold snap hits it's like a light bulb clicks and the fruit just knows it's time. Tangelos, Grapefruit, lemon and key limes were on the menu this week...
The last harvest of the week was a bountiful one. Green beans, hot peppers, tomatillos, more citrus, Sweet peas, chilies, greens, and a few small bell peppers to boot. I'll be away for a week and anything that could be taken needed to be. When I return I know that a lot of clean up will be necessary and I'm sure that plenty of food will have gone to waste. Unfortunately no one that lives near me can be left in trust of my plants.

So I leave my poor garden to fend for itself. It's only a week and this is after all not the high season so things shouldn't be too terrible when I get back - but I do expect some devastation. There always is. The weather should be nice and that will help keep things from going too badly - but I have so many young seedlings it's hard to walk away right now. The growth should be pretty amazing when I get back though!
Don't forget to stop by Daphne's Dandelions to see what everyone has up their sleeves this weeks - harvest reports from all over the world are there and reports on the usage of stored harvests, too!

'Till next time!


  1. Your harvest is really bountiful this week. I am amazed (and a bit envious!) at all the warm season crops. Having some fresh citrus would be heavenly. Enjoy your time away and I hope your garden fares well in your absence.

  2. How wonderful to still be harvesting. Would love to be able to have fresh citrus.

  3. How I would love some tree ripened citrus. The long daikon does not do well for me. Mac grows the shorter ones and I think I will try them next year.

  4. I've been meaning to do daikon, but I think it's probably too late this year. And I'm too cold for citrus. Ah well, have plenty of lettuce; I know how hard it is to leave the garden and be away, never knowing what's happening while you are gone.

  5. I hope you don't have too much go to waste while your gone. :( Have a good trip.


  6. I love that photo of what I presume is a cherry tomato. All that citrus sounds fabulous - I recently bought a number of dwarf citrus trees which I plan to grow in pots on the patio so I am currently dreaming of citrus harvests - yours sound amazing!

  7. I really like the radishes and broccoli. I wish I could see that up here at our place too. We have white radishes in the ground, but they are tiny. I don't think they'll be mature by the time things freeze hard. Our broccoli heads are the size of a thumbnail right now. I'm worried about those too.

  8. Nice daikons, you must have loamy soil for them to grow that long, as Norma says long daikon doesn't do well for me either.

  9. Nice stuff you are harvesting at the moment. Radish or daikon seems not fond of our spring, they just give us flower. We have to wait for fall to grow them again.