Monday, October 31, 2011

Harvest Monday 10.31.11

Linking in with Daphne for Harvest Monday. Don't forget to check out her blog and see what people are harvesting this HALLOWEEN!!!!

They are still ruling the garden. There are also a few green (purple and yellow) beans coming in but not too many. The french beans have blossomed out and are beginning to set nicely as well so those will be int he tally shortly. Not much in the way of pictures this week. This momma was super tied up with pink poodles and newly FIVE year old twins. (YIKES! When did that happen)

The best part is the second berry patch was completed. The blueberries that have been long suffering in their nursery pots after being rescued in the 50% off bin are finally getting what they deserve. A good peat mossing and their roots are stretching as we speak. They instantly looked happier. In with them are the Sweet Charlie strawberry plants that were sent to me via trade for some onion sets from Darcy. The other blueberry bed has the Festival strawberry plants and they are only about 2 weeks ahead so this will be an interesting spring! I have easily tripled the number of berry plants. :-) I can't wait!

The rest of the garden expansion isn't going quite as planned. This weekend was the deadline for having the grass turned under and next weekend there is a delivery of compost and topsoil scheduled. Guess we might have to rethink that.

'Till next time!



  1. Hi Barbie!!! Thinking about you lately and found your blog hidden in my favorites! What a fitting day to visit............ HAPPY BIRTHDAY to your two special little miracles! Give them a hug for me! BTW, I'm VERY impressed with your gardening!!

  2. Hi Jackie! I hope all is well in good old KY. I need to come for a visit. I miss it so much! I will send your B-day wishes on. THey are very excited to be 5 today!

  3. I want to be expanding my garden and putting in berry beds - sounds fun!....actually I am just starting to get some fruit on my strawberries but I really don't seem to be able to grow nice juicy berries. I suspect its a problem of neglect and lack of sun....

  4. Barbie, 5 is such a wonderful age. Hang onto it as long as you can.

    Your hot peppers look great. I would love to have a berry patch but am afraid I would have to share with the bears. Do have quite a wild blackberry patch but am slowly cutting that out as it is taking over what little yard I have.

  5. I am jealous that you are still getting peppers and beans. Both of those crops are long done around here. Good job on the berry planting project and hopefully the sod turning can be done fast so you can stay on schedule with the rest of the expansion project.

  6. Wow next berry harvest you will have will be triplet amount of this year then. Nice peppers.