Monday, November 14, 2011

Harvest Monday 11.14.11

Guess what time it is!? Time to join in to Daphne's Dandelions for this weeks edition of HARVEST MONDAY! So don't forget to stop by her place and see what everyone is harvesting - or how they are using their harvests!

This weeks harvest brought three first for our garden.
Our first (and only apple) Dorset. Please do not ask the size. It's embarrassingly small and not even enough for a snack. :-(

Our first pomegranate - There is still one more on the tree. Ah - well not bad for it's first year considering it was one of my 50% off bin recoveries. So far I've had a 75% success rate with those I have chosen. :-) I understand that next year I should have a bucketful. That would be nice!

Another first - a pound and a half of peanuts! YUMYUMYUYMYUMYUM.
There were loads of baby peanuts that didn't quite make it back to the ground. The space was restricted a little more than I wanted it to be but better a crop than no crop at all! I still have another small set of peanuts to harvest in the upcoming weeks, but I like to sow and harvest them in small sections so no nuts are wasted. Next year, though I may plant enough for some butter! The kids really enjoy fresh nut butters and I can't say as I mind making it or eating it myself. :-) But I may still be a little too restricted space wise to dedicate enough for that many plants. Time will tell!

We also had just over a pound of tomatillos, 6 ounces of green beans, 5oz of hot peppers and chilies, some key limes, basil, and a chocolate cherry tomato.

Soon to come pictures of my babies in the new garden patch. The radishes are at the party and some of the other seedlings are beginning to emerge as well. So come on back later this week to check out the progress. Now that i have my camera again I can actually show you the pretty little things!

'Till next time!



  1. What do you do with the Tomatillos. Barbie? Most people only seem to use them for salsa.

  2. I do use them for salsa. Not only salsa verde but in with regular salsa when there are not sufficent tomatoes around. I also use them in soups and stews, I roast them and make a bruschetta and I also sugar the really ripe ones and bake them. I've heard of jellies but never tried one!

  3. Nice harvest. I'm afraid peanuts would probably not like my alkaline caliche! but the would be fun to try in the future when the soil is better.

  4. How lovely, a fruit bearing pomegranate tree. We cannot grow it in the Northeast. We do have many varieties of apples though.

  5. Uooooh love boiled peanuts, don't have space for them, maybe someday. Did you buy seed peanuts or storebought fresh peanuts?

  6. I've been thinking about trying to grow enough peanuts for butter too. Wonder how many lbs of peanuts it takes to make a jar?? Wishing I had a whole field to devote to growing peanuts. I love them! Although that would be a ton of shelling to do!!

  7. What a great harvest. We love pomegranate. We've already had a couple this week. To bad we have to buy them from the store around here.

  8. Great harvests! But...Oh...the promise of big, red, juicy, absolutely fantastic pomegranates would keep me happy year 'round!

  9. What a great variety of things - I'm thinking of getting a pomegranite for my garden - my daughter is currently very taken with the fruit - of course this will no doubt have worn off by the time it fruits but I'll still enjoy them....

  10. Wow! Pomegranates and Peanuts! Not many garden blogs have those in their harvest recaps. :D

  11. Mary- I bet they would grow. We grow them in sand here and they grow up through VA.

    Norma - it's difficult to get a decent apple here so there I envy you. The pom is small, but hopefully next years fruit will be bigger.

    Mac- that is my favorite way to eat them, too. These started as fresh peanuts from the farmers stand.

    Julie- My research says somewhere around 550 yeah no clue I think 2-2.5 pounds would be about right. I'll try to refrain from boiling the next batcht o find out!

    Jody - I bet they are less work to enjoy. This one was tiny!

    BG- I've been watching it for 2 months waiting and worrying. I'm not sure the worry wasn't enough to do me in! :-)

    Liz- I only dedicate permanent space to things that I truly enjoy becuase the kids taste come and go so easily.

    KFG - I feel truly blessed. It may not be a large harvest but it sure was nice. :-D

  12. Love your harvest. Oh to have seedlings coming up this time of year.

  13. Great looking harvest!