Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Catching up...

Well I think it's time to catch up!

The expansion is done!
The wood is obviously not matching but other than that it fits right in. :-)

Permanent beds (10' each) on either end are my berry beds and have 5 blueberry plants and aprox. 30 strawberry plants in each section. One section has Festival strawberries and the other Sweet Charlie. I'm REALLY looking forward to harvesting the berries this spring. We have always grown them, but never this many. Usually only 10-15 plants a year. Most of those strawberries never see the table barring the initially extreme output when I tend to make strawberry syrup for the kids each year.
Between the 2 permanent sections is 24' that will be my secondary garden. Construction was finalized this past weekend, only 1 week past the 'absolute latest date' I wanted it completed. Not bad really. All things considered.

The new planter is just over 2' wide - making access to the entire surface area fairly easy for weeding and harvesting. This gave me 24' (48'sq) of new garden and planting area. Do I really need to tell you that it's been finished now for 3 days and I've already got it all sown? What? I can't help myself! I had plans to let it sit and amend it once more before spring, but... but.... OK lets face it. I need more space. I WANT more space. I LOVE more space!
So, I planted one 8' section of alliums. 3' of yellow onion, 3' of purple hamburger & 2' of garlic. That makes a total of 16'sq of dedicated space until May. Seems like a lot. I hope I didn't go overboard.
I also planted a few things I have never tried to eat much less grow. These things include turnips, beets, and tatsoi.
But knowing my own tastes I was not entirely foolish and I did plant the remaining portion (aprox 20'sq) with lettuce, carrots, sugar snap peas, broccoli, and spinach.
I still find myself doing a jig every once and a while. But it hurts. A lot. The jigging that it. It was hard work. My husband - he wasn't a lot of help. He did at least pound the nails into the wood.And he was a good cheerleader. But beyond that, it was ALL me, baby! And I'm paying for it. But I'm happy now. Because in a few days those little green shoots will be peeking up at me, and that? That rocks my world!

One of the reasons I was a little late getting the expansion finished was my little girls 5th birthday party. We also had a trip to Seaworld and that was fun. Our camera went a missing so my cell phone is all I have had since that time. *pout*
The pink party? Was over the top pin it's pinkidness. Yes I made up a new word. I made little butter mints by hand. These are my new favorite things! The cupcakes looked like flowers though not intentionally it was a nice touch. I made them chocolate chocolate chip and that is Kate's favorite. But she didn't like that I chose a whipped topping so back to butter cream with flavorings added next time!

The inside of the perfectly poodle pink cake? Was a rainbow of pink. I think I enjoyed this surprise the most. The girls didn't expect it at all and while I was completely disappointed in the flavor of the cake (a constant reminder to check the recipes you use prior to serving them to friends and family!) the servings were truly eye candy. Just wish I'd had a real camera so I could show you how beautiful it really was.
 I also served dog bone shaped cookies, and mini corn dogs, pink applesauce, pink lemonade. A wonderland in pink. We STILL have some of the decorations around the house. :-D Oh, and for the adults I made ham an cheese crossandwiches. This is a standby for the kids that I started making about a year ago form the Pillsbury website when I was looking for ideas for their lunches. It's SO easy and they are good at room temp - but really pretty great when they are warm from the oven. They were completely devoured with no leftovers so I think that every liked them. LOL. The hit of the party? Glad you asked. We bought balloons to blow up to make pink poodles out of. I know how to make them...

uh... but I have a slight problem...with balloons...specifically with latex balloons...that might squeak, or pop...or Get around my face, or touch me..... ARGH!!!!!

HA! OK so some may call this a 'phobia'. So my husband stayed and tried to make balloon dogs but he wasn't so talented. Did you know that kids this age don't really care what it looks like? They absolutely LOVED this part and it was the B~E~S~T thing ever! He entertained them for over an hour making 'snakes' or bracelets or hats, or whatever their imaginations turned the balloons into. It was fantastic. Um, I was in another room for this hour. That may have made it even better. :-D *snicker*

So that is what I've been up to and why I've not blogged much in the last few weeks. Well those things PLUS the whole odd illness thing. But believe it or not, I missed you!

This time of year is super busy for us as everyone in the immediate family has a birthday in October, November, December or January. 8 of us. Eight IS enough. Heh, whatdayaknow?! There is also a few other celebrations thrown in you know those things on all of our calendars plus a few extras for our family.

I hope that your family is enjoying November as much as our family is!

'Till next time!


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