Thursday, October 27, 2011

Pink party

As pink parties go this one is... well.... PINK!

Last night I spent some time fiddling in the kitchen.
I made these:
Pink chocolate covered Oreos - with pink and lavender sparkle sugar.

WOW do they pop. This picture just doesn't do them justice. It was late and I snapped it with my cell phone. Even so they are so sweet and cute and...PINK. I cannot wait to see my girls faces as I start putting together this party. It's not all that much of any one thing - a dozen of these cookies a dozen chocolate cupcakes that I baked and are now frozen waiting for their *PINK* frosting on the night before. The pink decorations, the little touches.

Oh my I feel bad for the one little boy that is coming. :-D Poor kid. I'll have to think of something special for him.

I'll also have to get out my camera before anyone get there so I can take pictures of all the pinkness. More updates soon to come- My home is going to the dogs on Saturday morning so it should be interesting. I'm excited to see it all together.

'Till next time!


1 comment:

  1. Oh how pretty and pink-a-licious. You all have a ton of pink fun. And maybe do up something lime green for the poor boy!