Monday, October 24, 2011

HARVEST MONDAY 10.24.11 !!!

It's Harvest Monday and I am FINALLY BACK! Linking in to Daphne's our most gracious hostessat Daphne's Dandelions. Don't forget to check her site out and see what everyone is harvesting and maybe even what they are doing with their harvest!  
 Scarlet fever is a real bear at 30 something (OK more towards forty but still thirty something darn it!) It's something that doctors don't normally see any more and when they do they see it in kids - not adults. HA! Well leave it to me to throw a wrench in that. I've been gone a couple week so I do have quite a bit to share. LOADS of Limas, a few bells, tomatillos are back on the menu, too! Hot peppers of course, and also back on the menu are green beans. Unfortunately there aren't very many of them just a handful - but enough to appreciate. A couple little deformed but yummy cucumbers and some Okinawan spinach while I am waiting for the real deal to germinate.


Basil made a come back and PESTO has been eaten - a LOT of it I might add. :-)

The rice peas are done for the year. In an experiment I cut back the bushes (REALLY LONG VINES) to see if they would start again but hope is dwindling and I'll be pulling them next week if no growth has been spotted by then. The night time temps have been dipping into the 50's each night and they don't like that at all.

Since I've been laid up the last few weeks there has been lots of soup- and I declared one day GUMBO DAY! Okra, bells, hot peppers and onions from the garden safron rice and meat from the grocers - and yummo!

Lots of seeds have been sown. Carrots and radish, spinach, cabbage and onions are all beginning to sprout. S~L~O~W~L~Y.... but hopefully surely. Oh, and I have tomatoes on the vine again. YIPPEE!  It's almost time to finish clearing out the beans and put in the rest of the winter veggies. I'll have to update with pics soon.

'Till next time!



  1. Oh My! I didn't know anyone even got Scarlet Fever any glad you are better. Get plenty of rest...don't overdo. The veggies look great...I'm waiting on the Winter garden to start producing again.

  2. I didn't realize adults got scarlet fever either. Glad to hear you are on the mend. I had my tonsils out at 40ish and that was no picnic for sure.

    That gumbo sounds yummy! We have okra in the freezer so I do see gumbo in my future.

  3. Now I'm getting jealous. All that Florida sunshine! Winter veggies? Not many to speak of around here, although we're working on ways to make it happen. You have a very nice harvest!

  4. Sorry you were so sick. Hopefully you have been on antibiotics to kick it properly.

    Your harvest this week is amazing and I am totally in awe that you are still getting basil. Ours pouts even during mid summer due to our coolish summers and would NEVER last this late into the season!