Sunday, May 15, 2011

Rare tree sale

Ahhh... Well.
No pick 'em up truck meant no black surinam. The only ones they had were easily 6' beautiful specimens. It also means the joey avacado (goes to 15 degree) was out.
Only good news about those things is that my budget wouldn't allow as many plants had we been able to get the larger trees.
What did come home?
2 grumichama
4 seagrapes
1 tiny little surinam baby
1 dorsett apple
It would have been nice to have picked up some of the other things there, but this was a good start. Especially to mix with what we already have.
It was a nice day, but next time I think I will have the sitter for the little kids and take the strapping young teen with me to carry things! Lesson learned!

'Till next time!


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