Friday, May 13, 2011

Blooms N such.

What's blooming?

Lots of ornamentals. Lillies, and such. The purple hues of this Nile one is my favorite. Shh, don't tell the others. They would be jealous!


Loads of squash blossoms, tomato blossoms, and cucumbers, too.  The tomatillo are finally showing promise of fruit in their husks. YEAH! The plants are monstrous so I was hoping they would start soon. This week was going to be their last if they didn't start to look promising. Apparently they took that quite seriously. After blooming wildly for months the fruit is finally setting and at a great rate. Looks like we'll have tomatillo just in time for the tomato harvest to dry up in summer. PERFECT for salsa verde - and great timing over all to hold us through till fall. :-)


The sunflowers are everywhere and doing well. The new varieties are not as fast as my old faithful one, sunspot. They are budding now, but not open as these are. I suppose that is good timing as well. When these are ready to be culled and dried the other will be ready to take their place.

 The girls pose with their favorite bloom.The jalepenos are right on track with the tomatillos. ;-) imagine that. Perfection!
Guava flowers are beginning to fade now and we aren't sure if we will have fruit or not this year. The bushes are young and they were not well tended to when we got them. They are looking better and better. Putting on new growth all the time. I know that next year we will have armfuls to harvest. For this year I think we will simply be grateful to be able to enjoy the flowers. They are edible, and if you remove them carefully you can still get a fruit! How cool is that? A salad garnish to boot.Mulberry are setting fruit again as well. The 'flowers' are so interesting on this tree. Not tons, but enough to keep the kids happy.
What's blooming in your garden?

'Till next time!


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