Monday, May 2, 2011

Harvest Monday 5.2.11

Happy Monday! Harvest Monday, of course. Joining in at Daphne's once again to see what the world is harvesting, and sometimes how they are using their harvests. Break out your Maypoles people the harvests have begun to diversify. It's time to string the ribbons and celebrate!
This week was the most productive by far this year. Lettuce, berries, beans, CARROTS (each day a few as I needed them!)




*Onions (small bulbs, but oh so good) 6lb total      *Green beans total of 5lb 6oz      *Zucchini I forgot to measure it all but 4lb 7oz       *Carrots for a whopping 3pounds, my largest EVER harvest of them       *Strawberries 9oz     *blueberries 15oz      *lettuce 8oz      *peas 4.5oz      *peaches 2lb 3ozs!   Blackberries  4oz  *broccoli 1lb 6oz
The broccoli is nearly final, and the lettuce is final - I am still undecided if I will allow the remaining plants to try to give me side shoots. The second succession of beans are starting, just as I'm almost ready to pull the first set out so perfect timing there. The most productive zucchini has PM so it's a matter of time now... and that's all right I'll have it again in a few months in the fall. I'm sure I'll get a few more weeks out of it, until the steady afternoon rains come. Now I will have to keep an eye on my winter squash I suppose. Ho hum.

'Till next time!



  1. To see what everyone else is harvesting and I can't even plant until the end of the month is just amazing.

  2. That's impressive. It will be several months before this area yields beans and zucchini.

  3. So awesome! Peaches!?! My mouth is watering! Your blueberries are HUGE! How exciting! I love, love, love your harvest!

  4. Lovely harvest diversity and lucky you to be enjoying green beans and berries! Both of those are in the future for our region but boy they sure look and sound good!

  5. Wonderful harvest! Your garden is very productive.

  6. Wonderful harvests. And oh those berries. Mine were just planted this year so I won't get any for so long.

  7. Wilderness - I read your profile and it sounds like you need to start your own blog - I'd certaily love to read your adventures and see what you are up to!

    GVH - thanks, but remember I won't be able to keep them around through the summer. They won't set fruit in the heat here.

    Lynda - it's a small crop this year, but the trees have tripled in size, I'm already excited for next springs peaches!

    Kitsap-It won't be long at all now. The weather is looking much better.

    Melissa - TY!

    Daphne- My BB put on a lot of growth the first year and looked the best ever then. THe fruit was the sweetest the second, and the most productive the third. (this year)

  8. Barb that is fantastic! Give yourself an atta-girl. Lovely and yummy, and all in a small space. My blueberries are very few, and so far a bit sour. The raspberries though? Didn't make it into the house. There will be more raspberries planted. Oh, and squash hates me.