Monday, May 23, 2011

Harvest Monday 5.23.11

Guess what today is?

Why, It's Harvest Monday - of course! Linking in with Dapne's Dandelions to share in all the fun.

Updating my tally today to include last weeks harvest but unfortunately I can't add in the tally for the Sunday evening harvest. I uprooted the failing green beans last night. It was late and little bits need a bath and bed so I was too rushed to weigh everything out separately but all told there was about five pounds of produce picked last night. :-D I'm happy with that, even though it means that my green beans are for the most part finished for this season. I won't see them again until fall. *pout* The purple ones are hanging in there still so I'll have a few here and there, but certainly not in the amounts I've had lately.
SO, with no further adue, I bring you pictures!  ( I know you didn't expect that, right?)

My 'mater counter that is NOT growing. It's actually only got 1 or 2 tomatoes any given day on it. This was only for a quick picture and a caprese. :-D

Purple and green beans, rainbow tomatoes, lemon cukes, sweet success cucumbers, sweetie cherry toms, blueberries strawberries, Armenian cuke, Nonnas, green zebra, zucchini, hot pepper, and  bell pepper.

 The stink squirrel knocked down my sunflower. Hopefully the seed will still be viable! Grrr.... No need to tell you what I want to do to that stupid squirrel. I'm not happy.

No weight on this harvest picture and for this reason I am considering combining my weights of harvest - I'm worried that trying to pull the harvest out in weight is going to end up with harvests not being weighed and such. At least if there is a total value of weight it's something. I dunno. Maybe, maybe not. Total weight, and per piece perhaps?  Ah, I'm just so happy when I get to eating it all it doesn't seem to matter how much it weighed. ;-)

Thanks for stopping by. Looks like a long weekend for me, I'm heading up to try to make a few quick fixes to the property in Alabama, and put a few seed in the ground. It's corn time, and watermelon time up there. Hopefully I'll be just in time to nab some peaches on the way back.

'Till next time!



  1. Your harvest looks great! Bummer on the sunflower but like you say, hoepfully they seeds will still be good:)

  2. What a nice diversity you have in your harvest. We are in the "greens" season at the moment, so having things like beans and tomatoes to enjoy sounds heavenly.

  3. Barbie: I love your harvest pictures. Tomatoes! Good for you! I'm always thrilled when the garden is kind enough to give me a salad and a veggie every night for dinner...such wonderful gifts.

  4. Nice! I usually have this kind of variety around July/Aug. Yours looks great! Bluberries yum....

  5. You're into summer harvest phase already, I'm still in greens phase. I have to start all my melons and squashes from seeds all over again, the transplants die from sudden freezing weather during my absence, Aiy~~~~

  6. So that's what we in the north have to look forward to. Nice to know someone is getting something besides greens.

  7. Wonderful harvests. Sometimes I hate weighing my produce. I started to see if the garden was a money sink or saved money. Now I seem to just keep doing it.

  8. Look at the size of that sunflower? Must of scared the you.know.what out of the squirrel. What is a nonna? And have fun up north. Georgia peaches???


  9. Beutiful Bountiful Harvest. I love your big tomatoes. I can imagine many kind of dishes with the tomatoes in the kitchen.