Monday, May 30, 2011

Harvest monday

Hmmm... Memorial Day Monday and today I harvested a handful of plums, the only one I will get this season undoubtedly. Sweet and sour and so juicy you'd think you had chewed a piece of bubblicious. The deer will scavenge the rest before we make it back by the Fourth of July.
I also harvested 3 cups of blackberries, plus whatever amounts got eaten along the way.
From the garden a zuchini that reached over a foot long having been gone for only 2 days when my friend came over. I had her take it rather than trying to find a way to combat a zuke larger than myself in a few more days time.
Unfortunately she also repoted a load of ripe tomatoes - all with worms. She sent me a picture and if the worms weren't bad enough every plant has spots! LOTS of them! 8-O I run off for a whopping 4 days and the garden has gone insane. Looks like it might mean an early end to tomato season for me. What a shame. I hope I can pull the plants along long enough to bring in what is currently on them at least.
Such is life. I needed a break so I took it, now I will have to deal with the rest tomorrow when I get my butt back to Florida.
Here the corn is planted but its not yet time for the grains to go in. We'll plant those next trip. I did notice the pomegranate trees blooming here. My Florida trees didn't set again this year so I am hopeful these will.
Till next time!

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