Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Love is in the air.

It's February and Love is definitely in the air.

It had been an exceptionally warm winter this year. Of course now that I have committed to that you watch and we will have a freeze next week. The strawberry plants are welcoming February with their abundance and the blueberries and pomegranates are flowering. The promise of Spring is in the air.

The plants that I brought into the house in December were beginning to suffer. Our home does not get direct sunlight streaming through the windows anywhere. It's more than just kind of sad. It's not that my entire house is dark and dreary, just not all that bright. So this past weekend I decided that waiting for a freeze was kind of stupid and I drug them all back outside again. When I did that I also up potted a lot of them and refreshed their roots and growing medium. Some of them really needed it and others are just getting old and it made me feel better.

This is the love. I LOVE freshly potted (or re-potted) plants. This year I got a good assortment of brightly colored pots to use. I was tired of looking at the browns and cream colors of the neutral pots I chose eons ago to make sure they blended in well with our patio. So now not only do I have the good light-hearted feelings from helping my plants to thrive, but I also get to look at a nice pop of color here and there as well.

The renewed gardening activity is always well received by me and this combined with my girls first Daddy/Daughter dance coming up in a few days has me all kinds of happy go lucky. We are also planning our "Valentine's Date" that will include our girls and reservations to somewhere fancy. I know most people don't include their children in on their date nights, but to us this is one of those Holidays that should be spent with them. They each have their own ideas about love and how it should be represented. One silly girl will encourage us to kiss and snuggle up and the other will do her best to wedge between us and keep us form kissing. All the while giggling - simply to get our attention turned to her. SHE wants the affection. :-)

So, I thought I'd just stop by here and send along some of the love. I hope that you and yours are finding wonderful ways to say 'I Love You' too.

See you soon!



  1. That is so sweet! I always shy away from growing plants in pots (indoors or out) because I am so bad at remembering to keep them watered. I do have some pots, but only the bare minimum. I'm hoping that at some point - when life gets less hectic - I can change that.

  2. Yum chocolate covered strawberries. And I'm just like Margaret. I kill houseplants. Only one has survived my treatment of forgetting to water. That is my aloe plant that can be forgotten for months at a time without dying.