Monday, February 23, 2015

FW: Harvest Monday 2.23.15

Welcome back to harvest Monday ! This weeks harvest? It consists of all sorts of itty bitty things. As I prepared for the freeze I took as much produce as I coil out of the garden. Turns out I was so busy bringing in pots and covering garden beds that I forgot to take a picture. Well, I did manage one picture. This is what is left after all 5 of is pigged out on the broccoli snap peas and greens I brought in. These few chard leaves were double and triple the size of my plates! Can you see the black plate at the top? Completely dwarfed. For all my efforts previously to grow chard none of them were very successful. This time I planted a dozen of them and I have about 4 that really put on a lot of growth. So I guess here in my area the trick is to grow a lot and thin out the plants that aren't handling the heat well.

Off to see what everyone else has harvested at Daphne's Dandelions.

See you soon!



  1. Swiss chard is just so pretty, isn't it? Here it grows very well, but we never get your heat.

  2. Such pretty chard - this year I am going beyond the green I have always grown & giving a couple of coloured ones a try.

  3. Planting peppermint chard again this season, it is such a pretty plant. I too frequently forget to take photos and remember when it is too late.

  4. Your lovely chard proves that persistence pays off! Chard takes a break here in summer, no doubt due to the heat and humidity.

  5. Nice looking chard! Love rainbow chard. I heard some areas temps were dropping and because of it produce prices will be increasing.