Monday, February 9, 2015

Harvest Monday 2.9.15

Well, February is moving along rather quickly here.

This weeks harvests include broccoli, snap peas, some bright lights swiss chard and strawberries. Most of the produce is eaten long before I can get it inside. But, I did manage to bring these in:

I'm not the only one who likes to snack on garden goodies. I find my daughters chewing something outside rather frequently and when I ask what they are eating? The answer is always, 'Food'.

I suppose it's good that they are eating fresh, organic produce but dang if I'm not jealous if they beta me to the berries. ;-)

On top of the kids eating randomly out of the garden the ducks have finally figured out how to get in and what they like to eat. UGH. So now I'll have to figure out how to keep them out. They are very respectful of even super low fencing and it took a year for them just to climb the 6" up into the garden bed. Guess I should just thank my lucky stars that it didn't happen sooner.

That's it from my end. Been cooped up nursing sick people and the school just called for me to pick up Katie bug. Wish me luck. I sure hope it stops soon.

Linking into Daphne's Dandelions. Make sure you stop by her spot to get the 411 on what is being harvested from all different regions, and see all the regulars on Harvest Monday!

See you soon!



  1. Yum fresh broccoli. I'm eating frozen and it just isn't the same. At least the greens don't taste different after having been frozen.

  2. Fresh broccoli & sugar snaps look so yummy - I'll be growing bright lights chard this summer for the first time & am so looking forward to those gorgeous leaves. Good luck keeping the ducks out of the garden & fingers crossed that your little ones feel better soon!

  3. I don't blame your kids for eating those snap peas (or strawberries) right in the garden - I'd be doing it too!

  4. Your kids sure know how to eat healthy. Hope they are feeling better.

  5. Perfect broccoli and snap peas. Glad the girls are hip to eating fresh stuff from the garden. Keep up the good work because when they get older they will always remember what they had and continue to carry on the habits they were brought up in knowing.