Thursday, February 19, 2015


I know most of you are filled with hysterical laughter at me right now. But I can't help it. I just have to complain a little. We will have a hard freeze tonight and it will be in the 20's for 5+ hours. My garden is toast. More than that the avocados pomegranate and guava are in full bloom and I already have my blueberry bushes packed with fruit. I think I shall cry myself to sleep tonight.

Hope to see fruit next month but doubtful...


  1. I am laughing a bit at that being cold, but yes timing is everything. And a cold snap when your trees are in bloom is no laughing matter. I hope some of your blooms survive. It would be sad to lose all your fruit for the year.

  2. Oh no! We have had lots of sunshine...everything is blooming...I just know we're gonna' get a hard frost!

  3. If the dip in temperature is only for a few hours, you may be lucky & still get some fruit...I'm keeping my fingers crossed for you!