Friday, July 19, 2013

Rainy Days

We've had a lot of rain lately.
One of the ways that we've been keeping busy is by having contests and making up games around the house. But as it turns out things that burn up physical energy are hard to pull off indoors. So we've been coming up with some good things on our own.
Flooryball is one. (seated volleyball with a tiny beach ball) If you fall over, or have to get up to get the ball it's a point for the other team.
The old spoon -n- egg race takes on a whole new dimension when played with a ping pong ball (VERY light weight and falls a lot easier) and socks on a wooden or tile floor. Let's just say giggles abound and the game usually ends in fits of laughter and someone on the floor.
Speaking of ping pong balls. 'Racing' them is something new that we are learning. That is to say, racing them by blowing at or on them. Most of the time this game starts with a roll of masking tape, and the kids are learning quickly that wind can do all sorts of things. Push/pull and JUMP! The suckers even go backwards when you blow right on them. Hmmmm...
Ah, but by far the favorite of the bunch has been the learning of and the now contests of the HOOLAHOOP! LOL. I thought they'd never get the hang of it. Seeing as it had been a good 25-30 years since I had hoola'd any hoop I wasn't any help in that department and I had to relearn right along with the girls. But, once learned the skill was quickly mastered. We are now hooping and hoolaing all over! This little number takes up a lot more energy than I remember, let me tell you! I thought that first 1 minute hooping session was harder than digging the garden any day. So needless to say this is something I'm looking at as exercise for me, too. (Just in far lesser quantity!)

By making it a contest it keep them from arguing over how long they get the hoop for or doing it at the same time. We don't have enough floor space for that!
Look at 'em go! So far we've learned to jump while hooping, and shake while hooping, and turn around... what will the next trick be?
Still looking for more things to do to fill the wet, wet hours.
See you soon!

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