Wednesday, July 10, 2013

One picture.

That is what I managed. One picture while we were there. Don't get me wrong. I got a picture of a couple of those peaches. I got pictures of my kids playing inside. But, I was never able to yank out my good camera and get outside with it. The one time it did stop raining.... OK it stopped three times total, but I swear to you we used ever one of those time up for something better than pictures.

The first time it stopped raining we took the kids fishing. They hadn't been out of a car or a house in 2 weeks. They needed it. We had about an hour at the pond before it started raining again and we tried to wait it out until the thunder started.

The second time was just for fireworks. Sometimes, I'm quite positive God plans these things. The kids were SO very upset they weren't going to get 4th of July fireworks. We told then we would have them whenever we could even if we had to wake them up in the middle of the night. The rain stopped at 8pm and started back up at 10:30pm. There is nothing that says God's Plan better than that. Amen.

The third time was the last day and we ran around like little chickens on the ATV's gathering up all of our gear and making sure everything was done. But, since we were out and running around I did manage to snap a shot of one of the main reasons for this trip. One of our hunting shacks is starting to rot. Well. Inside it's fine. It is a wasp attractant, but it's fine. The legs however are starting to rot. Rather than trying to save the shelter by sawing off the shooting house and then supporting it on the outside with new 4x4's and having it not be as stable as before we decided this one would be taken down. This main field is the one we take the kids to most often after all and we wouldn't want to risk anyone getting hurt. Here is the new structure next to the old one:
It took 3 days in the rain to build and raise, but considering it comes in large pieces and could have only taken a single day without the rain - EH!?
The new structure is a lifetime structure. No rotting wood, no worries of wasps getting inside while we are away and building nests. No owls, either (that's another LONG story and kinda funny) But along with all that the best thing about this? The ladder to get into the stand isn't straight up and down like the other ones. It's more like a tall stairway. EASY for the kids to climb. Going down is a bit harder, but going up is a piece of cake. Makes it easier if you are carrying something, too. ;-)

We weren't able to get the old one down this trip but we will soon. It will go into the burn pit and be our winter camp fire wood. We just have to remember not to roast marshmallows over it. It's pressure treated so that would be a no-no! We thought about turning it into a playhouse for the kids but the wasps are ALWAYS in there. I thought about a hen house, but dragging it all the way to Florida? Uh- I don't think so. It will be 10 years before I need one here on the property... at least. I don't know that it would or wouldn't last that long but meanwhile it would be an easy place for wild animals to hide and make into homes. So, it will have to be destroyed. What a shame. It makes me sad.

OK- so that's enough from my mouth.

See you soon!


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