Tuesday, July 2, 2013

It's True!

It's true! I <3 July! I just can't help it. There is so much promise in July for me. Later this month I'll start new tomato plants to transplant for the Fall season. That's a great kick start to the garden and a huge help to the brain that just sees the garden that is sweltering and drowning out there. It's been raining non stop for 5 days now. Blech.
But it's all going to change tomorrow. We're heading back to the property tomorrow and that promises campfires, picnics, cookouts and lots of family memories. It also promises a few grouchy moments, a lot of Gatorade and some more sweat. We do a lot of work while we are there. But this trip is always one of my favorites of the year. It may not be as nice of weather that April usually brings us, but the kids are always more eager to help out and excited for the sparklers and campfires that we do.
But, I'll post about that when I get back. For now I wanted to tell you about what I'm most excited for in the Fall garden. I've got some new seeds to try and a couple of them have me just dying to plant already!
This fall my garden will (hopefully) feature:
Graffiti Cauliflower
graffiti cauliflower technical information vigorous plant habit ...
Burnet (herb)
Salad burnet leaves and flower globe
Pole Bean Trionfo Violetto
Unfortunately they were out of stock of the parthenocarpic cucumbers that I ordered. Seeing as I wanted to start those right away on my porch I was less than thrilled about that. Oh, well. Hopefully they'll get them back in soon. If not I'll cry in my soup and have them order another type. I always sow at least 3 types of cucumbers and while some do better than others I usually count on these types of cukes to give me the largest harvest the fastest. The plants don't stay around long term, but I generally get enough for my pickling needs and then use traditional plants for my fresh eating.
For the first time in a few years I also ordered a few flower seeds. I just couldn't resist a new blanket flower color. I also got some status for drying inside. Hot pink for my girlies. I thought they'd appreciate it and since our Fall and early spring is the best time to grow it here - BONUS!  :-) I got some dianthus for the Fall as well. I thought that the pink to white dianthus with a purple pansy or such in front would be great along my ginger and walkway for some color. It's always so drab there once the lilies go to sleep for the summer.
OK- so NOW do you see why I get so excited about July? It hold so much promise! Come August the heat is so miserable and I'll be scrambling with getting the kids back to school and that it entails, I'll forget all about how wonderful it is. September the garden will be reseeded for the fall/winter months and it will all start over again.
So, I guess for me this is my version of getting those garden catalogs in the mail in the dead of winter. 
I'll be back next week. Until then.
See you soon!

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  1. I love purple vegetables for some reason. I grow Trionfo Violetto Pole Beans and have great success with them year after year. I envy your extra long growing season.