Tuesday, July 17, 2012


I'm tired today. Oh, so tired. And, do you know what I learned yesterday? I learned not to plant those darn nematode chasing marigolds in with the peanuts. :-(

Now I might have messed up the peanut crop a little. I sure hope it doesn't affect it too much. When I pulled the marigolds out it pulled some of (OK quite a few) the pegs that were beginning to form the peanuts underground up, too. Now, I know that peanuts are resilient plants, but considering the crazy amount of rain that we've had since TS Debby I'm worried about my peanut harvest. Guess I'll just have to consult the calendar and see if there is enough time before the fall plantings to through in another section of peanuts. I had wanted to, but then life got in the way. Now I have no reason not to... and I have every reason TO DO!

If I can manage it the calendar says I can get a small crop of them in within the next week and out right around Thanksgiving. It's manageable but yikes that is pushing it. Well, but it would be a fantastic way to celebrate with a campfire, huh? Truly fresh roasting peanuts? MMMMmmm Now that is sounding fantastic! This crop that is in now is a very small crop anyway and is due out on the last day of August. I figured we would harvest over the Labor Day weekend if all goes well of course and hopefully it will. It's bad enough I actually paid that much for peanut seed. LOL. (Shhh... Don't tell hubby. He'd never let me live it down.) This batch would be done the old fashioned way - go to the farmer's market get a bag of peanuts, and plant them. That simple, and much less costly. I'd have enough to boil a batch for us, and roast a few and still have some for planting all for what I paid for those silly ones out there now. Funny though, they are actually growing differently than the ones I normally grow so here is to hoping that they taste good and grow better! They are said to grow denser (3-4 to a shell instead of 2-3) and have a sweeter flavor. Hope it's true.  

The steady and daily rain is kicking my booty. It's hard to stay awake. Think I'll go take a nap now.

'Till next time!


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  1. Peanuts sound like so much fun! How I wish we could grow them here.